Wednesday, May 20, 2009

five ... (which is seriously big).

my perfectionist ... don't try so hard to make it perfect, baby ... it's funny how sometimes when things AREN'T perfect ... they're better.
verbalized by the mama that is so NOT perfect. and completely aware of it.

my fashionista ... who gets so frustrated when her clothing doesn't match or isn't exactly what she wanted or doesn't match her friend ~a~ for the day.
said the mommy that wore purple birkenstocks today because they were comfortable. and she had forgotten how comfortable they were.

my monkeybar accomplisher ... yippee! you did it! and you keep doing it ... even when it's a new set of monkey bars that haven't been tried before!
i must say, though ... it still seems kinda funny to watch you zipping across them.

my wanna-be-a-16-year-old ... no - sixteen is not old enough to have a boyfriend or a baby ... and 16 is going to come fast enough ... let's just sit back and wait for it.
your mama who thinks you're growing fast enough.

my listener ... you don't miss a beat ... do you? when you heard daddy and c. discussing the finer points of miss california and same sex marriages ... you were concerned that c. would be mad at your friend's moms. there are times when i wish you didn't understand all of this ... it makes it hard for your mama to come up with answers.
reluctantly says the mommy that explained that ... if c. knew your friend's mommies ... she probably wouldn't feel the way she does. and even if she still did ... we know that families can be different ... and as long as the kids are loved ... it doesn't matter how your family is comprised.

my daughter ... said with a sigh. i hope that i can help you become the best person that you can be. which is a cheesy way of saying ... i hope i do good. because you are so worth it. and i just really want you to be a confident, openhearted, caring, loving, independent and easygoing woman. in the end.
i'll do the best i can to get you there ... ok?


Kelly said...

I feel like I know your girls so much more! They are beautiful on the inside and out!! You're a gr8 mommy!!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

LOVE your answer to the part regarding the listener. You couldn't have said anything more perfect.

Great always Jen!

Much love from NJ,

Sprite's Keeper said...

They ARE lovely!

anymommy said...

You'll do beautifully. And yes she is big...but still so little.

Pamela said...

you're doing beautifully.

Connie Weiss said...

beautiful! Seeing these fabulous traits come to the surface in our children is a blessing to watch!

Casey said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job. And that's one cute kid on the monkey bars, love that shot! Monkey bars are my mortal enemy right now since Graham thinks he's big enough to climb them and just goes for it whether I'm standing there or not.

amanda said...

u r sooo talented friend...

love these, five and two.

your girls have no idea just how very lucky they are...

Shangrila said...

You are SUCH a good mama! I know that your girls will grow up to be awesome, accomplished and happy women! I gave you the Super Blog Award! Stop by to pick it up! :)