Thursday, May 14, 2009

looking back ... prom.

it was prom night ... my senior year ... class of 1995 ...

the girls had spent uncountable hours preparing for this night ... securing the boy-date ... searching for the perfect dress ... applying manicures and pedicures (possibly french?) ... sweeping their tendrils into an updo ... making sure that "the boy" had acquired matching corsages and suits ... reserving a table at a favorite restaurant ... capturing the moments in photographs ...

and me?

i was fishing with my dad.

it's not like i didn't TRY to go to prom ... i had a group of friends going with friends ... and i attempted to secure a date ... dates that had other dates already ... so i didn't ... couldn't ...

and i gave up.

i didn't want to go by myself ... i didn't want to be the fifth wheel ... and i sure as hell didn't want to be THAT girl that came by herself.

so i didn't.

i (pretended) that i didn't really care. i'm sure i mentioned that i didn't like being all primped and dressed up, at one point or another. and i'm pretty positive that i used my "busy" schedule training and riding horses and getting ready for a horse show ... as an excuse.

i think i was pretty good at providing excuses ... because no one (that i remember) really urged me to change my mind.

so i spent hours helping two good (still really good) friends find dresses that were just the perfect amount of vintage and fun. i helped them decide what they were going to do with their hair. i watched them make plans. and inside ... i sulked.

eventually ... my dad ... said we were going to go fishing that weekend ... just daddy and me. we were going to spend time at the cabin ... on the lake ... in front of a campfire ... on the boat ... eating breakfast at the diner ... waking early ... because that is what i loved to do.

and i realize ... today ... that this was one of the most amazing things that my daddy has ever done for me.

i don't think he even realizes how much that fishing trip meant to me. we've never talked about it ... (so if you are reading ... dad? thanks. a heaping lots. and don't forget to pick up the girls from daycare tonight. see ... he still is amazingly wonderful and helpful.)

and the prom date passed. i have a memory of being with my dad. just us.

which i think ... is a far superior memory to hold.

well ... that and my friends said it wasn't any fun anyways ... they left early and went and hung out at someone's house ... which we did ... all. the. time. so i guess i didn't miss much.

eventually ... when i met jeremy - the husband - ... in college ... his fraternity hosted several formals ... i got plenty o' opportunities to dress up and primp and look pretty and drink and feel like crap the next morning ... so ... i guess i was just waiting for the right date to come along. (we were supposed to provide pictures ... so maybe i can find one of these.)

and until that perfect "boy-date" came along ... i had my daddy. (and luckily ... i still do.)

posted in response to spriteskeeper's spin cycle ... where we were obviously supposed to tell about our prom experience. does this count? check it out on friday for more ... prom-ish experiences, i'm sure.


Pamela said...

Great daddys are the best.
My short people have a great daddy, and so does the Mister, and boy, am I glad I inherited the Mister's daddy as my own.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I think this is great! My Spin is a little similar to yours. Your memory of your time with your dad is much more meaningful than a dance. Love it! You're linked!

blissfully caffeinated said...

I have no memory of my senior prom. I have the pictures, so I know I went, but I can't for the life of me remember anything about it. We could have gone camping for all I know. So, yes, much better memory for you to have. Sounds like you have a great Dad.

Raising Z said...

My senior prom (also in 95) was a disaster! My date and I never spoke again :( I wish that I had had a fishing memory as nice as yours. Your dad sounds amazing.

Jen said...

I didn't go to my prom, either. Two friends and I packed a picnic and hit the road. The memory is special not because it was the only picnic we had together but precisely b/c it was prom night.

CC said...

That is SO cool!!!! I wish my dad were like that.

I was on prom committee, but didn't go. No date. No friends to hang with.

I went to a debate tournament instead.

The Estrogen Source (ES) said...

How cool is that? You made me tear up. My Daddy left this morning after coming to visit for my grad. I already miss him.

Casey said...

That is so damn sweet, I'm glad you got the time with your dad! Prom wasn't all that, really.

Keely said...

That is awesome. It's a little sad that you had to feel 'unwanted' or not date-worthy, but it's just one of many things in life that are totally overrated.

Great Dads? Way more important.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

First of all- what a great experience! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like your dad is as wonderful as mine. There's no substitute for a wonderful father! You are surely blessed in that regard.

Second- I had no idea we were so close in age. Class of 1996 here.

Third- I love my gray mare too- thanks for commenting on her!