Monday, December 8, 2008

sign of a true friend.

while attending a birthday party at my grandmother's apartment building ... coconut remarked quite loudly ... "poop" while pulling at her pants ... which means that she has to go potty.

sidenote ... damn potty training. i swear ... i have been blessed with two girly-girls that decide to potty train themselves at the ripe ol' age of one. seriously. now ... don't start hating. it is a pain in the ass. because at one? there isn't much of a bladder ... and they need to pee constantly. and from a speech-language pathologist ... can someone please help me get her to say "potty" rather than screaming "POOP!" in the middle of where-ever we happen to be??? argh.

so we quickly gathered ourselves (and the older sister ... because apparently their bladders must. work. together.) and moved towards the restroom.

the restroom that had to be cleaned like there was no tomorrow. blech. i cannot even type out vocabulary that would describe the stench emanating from that room. it was horrendous. it was ... ... stink.

but ... there out of the corner of my eye ... i saw a flash of pink.

it was raisin.

(confused, yet?)

or more specifically, raisin minneapolis wallet. the beloved doll of my belly's bestfriend.

i screamed (without breathing) ... GRAB RAISIN! GET HER OUT OF HERE!

we exited the bathroom from hell. forgot about the whole peeing thing. and called bestfriend's mom.

"do you know where raisin is??"
"we lost her!"
"we have her!"
"ohmyfarkinggod. jen and the girls have raisin!"
there were cheers of joy!
"we have been looking all over for her!"
there was a wee bit of sobbing occurring. (from mom of bestfriend. she's pregnant. need i say more?)

note ... i don't think she actually said, "ohmyfarkinggod" ... but it added emotion AND it was fun to type. but everything else is true.

and they were reunited later that evening.

my grandmother and bestfriend's dad's grandfather happen to live in the same building ... so it's not like we completely randomly just found the baby doll somewhere in the city.

but, what i find really amazing is that ... it was very evident to me that a sign of a true friend ... for your child is when you would be able to pick out the friend's most very prized possession and you would risk yours and your offspring's lungs to save it.


Kelly said...

(wiping eyes clear) did you say they BOTH potty trained themselves at one year old????????

What in the world? HOw did you do that?

um, that's 4 mos away for Lily. Did you mean 1 year 11 mos?

Clearly u did.

jen said...

actually no.
as soon as my girls were walking they started potty training's weird, i know.
i think it might have something to do with using cloth diapers?? i don't know.

Kelly said...



Christy said...

Thank goodness you found that doll. I can't imagine what I would do if Porgie lost her beloved blanket. I am pretty sure the earth would stop spinning.

Momo Fali said...

I hope Raisin became well acquainted with my best-friend, Lysol.

little.birdy said...

Oh man, poor Raisin, spending all of that time in the rank bathroom. I would also hope that she got a Lysol-bath. Good for you for saving her though! Hurrah!

For Myself said...

This could be a movie. It reminds me of Nuffle Bunny.

Aggle Flaggle...

(google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about...and then don't walk, but RUN to the bookstore.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Looks like Raisin will be getting a bath!
Your girls trained at one, someone high up is smiling down on you, my friend. Tell you what, I'll take you up on your offer to take Sprite's place in Disney. I'll send her to your girls and maybe they can teach her a few things like it's not okay to remove your diaper because you think it's yucky.

DeeMarie said...

Raisin Minneapolis Wallet. Has such a nice ring to it.
Great story. You're probably their hero now!!!!
And when I have kids? Coconut and Belly are going to tutor them in Potty Training, mkay?

goodfather said...

Beautiful story - I like the movie idea, or a children's story with illustrations. That would be awesome. ;)

HeatherPride said...

Please tell me that Raisin got a Lysol dip before it was all said and done!!

Connie Weiss said...

Oh for the love of Raisin! Thank goodness you were there. I shutter to think what would have happened if that dear child had lost Raisin. I know what would happen if we lost *Sam* and it would be heartbreaking!