Wednesday, December 31, 2008

encourage. inspire. enjoy.

spriteskeeper ... the mighty grand poobah of the spin cycle ... has given us the assignment of coming up with a new years resolution. (really ... i didn't see that coming ... well ... i probaby did in some recess of my brain ... but i was hoping not to.)

problem is?

at one point in my life ... i resolved to not make resolutions. period.

i had become disgusted with my inability to go an entire span of time ... one measly little year ... doing what i had said and hoped i would ... or could.

so i gave up on them.

and i've stewed about this topic since the posting of the assignment ... about what to write. about what to resolve to do. about what to say if i continue to resolve ... not to do ... anything.

and it came down to this.

i live my life ...
and there is so much that i'm thankful for and enjoy ... but, i'm not always happy with all of it. and i completely realize that there are things that i want to have and do and be. (and so many things that i have and do and am.)

and in order to acheive those things that i haven't (yet) succeeded at and also to give myself a pat on the back for the things i have achieved ... i need to create a simple mantra for myself.


that's what i want to do. simple. no goals to lose out on. nothing to fail. plenty to gain. and in the end something to look back at ... next december 31st ... to see how those words shaped my being.

because ... there is so much inside of those simple words.

and i don't want to minimize ... or place qualifications on them ... by telling you what i hope to do with them.

i just want them to be.

and i just want to be happy ... with whatever it is that i do with them.


HeatherPride said...

Sounds good to me! Happy New Year, Jen!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Very nicely put. Three words EVERYONE should live by!
You're linked and Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

Encourage. Inspire. Enjoy.


Christine said...

That is a perfect mantra.

Happy New Year, Jen....hope 2009 is filled with good things for you and your family!

Casey said...

Here here. I get what you mean about not making resolutions... I'm a day into mine and already struggling.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I'm inspired! Thanks, Jen!

Ginger said...

Love your take on this. I just want to enjoy this year. Life is too short to make it difficult and miserable.

Leslie said...

Lovely post and I love your mantra too. Mine for this year is going to be "progress, not perfection" It helps the completely goal-driven side of me slow down and bit so that I can too can focus on just being happy in the moment.