Friday, December 26, 2008

life in focus.

things are looking brighter.

grandma is home.

she still has the tumor ... i tell her it just means there is more of her to love.

they think it is slow growing ... and not interfering with her ability to function and live on her own.

it may be that she had a small stroke like episode ... or that she was extremely dehydrated. (i also had to explain that drinking diet coke ... is not hydrating ... only water helps with that.)

so. all in all. life has appeared more focused this holiday season.

and i got a new camera. (nikon d50)

focus (and aperture and light and shutter speed, etc.) are my high priorities right now.

after family.

i'm sure you'll be seeing more of me and her in the near future. my new camera is definitely a her. i just haven't decided on her name yet, though. suggestions welcome.

and thanks. thanks for the well wishes and prayers. i know they helped. both of us.


For Myself said...

Yay for a healthy (er than thought) grandmother! Yay for a new camera that will enhance blog! Yay for an adorably excited and optimistic self-portrait in the mirror!

Casey said...

So glad to hear that your Grandma is home and happy. Love the new camera! We have the D40 and if I weren't already married when we got it, I might have married the camera.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yay, she's free! And loving the camera with a whole lot of jealousy. We have a crummy camera that ends with most of our subjects looking like they're ready to jump us when the flash finally goes off.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Great news!!

I hope you and SALLY have a ball taking loads of pictures! Just don't forget to share with us!!

DeeMarie said...

Sooo glad Grandma was released!! I'll still keep her in my prayers. Love the camera. What a cute self-portrait!!

Casey said...

Hiya! I'm making my HASAY rounds and doing my share of heckling. You still with us?!? I'm back on the wagon starting tomorrow... climb on up there with me!

zarafa said...

congrats on the new camera! hope the tips help, and don't hesitate to ask if there is anything i can explain better :)

Nici said...

Oh that is so hard and I am so glad things are looking up. Realizing your loved one's mortality is never glamorous.

And, congrats on your new camera! SO exciting.

xo from mt