Thursday, December 18, 2008

a birth story ... of sorts.

sprite's keeper gave us an extra week in which to complete our assignment for the spin cycle this time around!

(and believe me ... i needed it. whew. are we at friday yet? seriously. longest. week. ever.)

oh yeah ... friday at 4:00? marks the start of winter break. boy do i need it.
now if only i could find a way to make winter break last through june. hmmmm.

back to the original stream of thought.

our assignment is to write a story about how your blog came to be. and here is my bloggy baby's birth story ...

don't worry anymommy ... i've promised you birth stories in the past ... and i guarantee ... you are getting 'em soon. that's what my early start of my new year will include ... no fear, my dear.

i started out reading blogs. different blogs. a variety of blogs. blogs of the "celebrity" bloggy variety. blogs that had beautiful pictures. blogs that showed gorgeous craftiness. blogs that made me giggle. blogs that made me realize that i'm not alone.

and then i started clicking on comment names ... because they intrigued me. or because something they said struck a chord and i wanted to read more about them. i think blogging to an extent is my reality television.

but without all of the weirdness.

well ... maybe some of the weirdness.

but ... the weirdness is actually more ... shall we say ... real?

then, i realized i'm kinda weird, at times, too. and i like typing out words.

and i had already learned how to send a comment. yeah me! and realized that i already had registered for an account. so i just added a blog.

primarily because the kids were sleeping in.

and i was ... slightly bored. (shhhh ... i'm sure the dishes weren't done and the carpet needed to be vacuumed ... i could have started a craft project or finished a craft project ...)

the name of my blog was a no-brainer. i always wanted to open an etsy shop named coconut belly ... my girl's most used nicknames. i liked the ring of it. i liked what it stands for.
and from that point on ... it's when i realized that i was going to write about my family. and me. that i was going to write for my family. and me.

i like watching my words flow in front of me ... and out of me. i don't hold onto things like i used to. i have an outlet for an overwhelming amount of thought that spins inside of me. every. single. day.

if you don't believe me ... just email me.
several people have emailed me and asked simple questions ... and i send them back paragraphs.
loads and loads of paragraphs. then they never email again.
maybe i have vocabulagorical attention deficit disorder?

blogging allows me to unleash it.
it's funny ... i've read that a lot of people edit numeous times before hitting publish. me ... i just get my words on the screen and go around and add color. and go. i don't really manipulate it ... much. what you see ... is really what i'm thinking. it just is.

and then i got comments.
which took blogging to a whole 'nother level.

all of a sudden i realized that people actually read what i write. which scared me for a day or so.

and even last week ... someone contacted me about advertising on my blog page.
which added a new dimension. especially ... because i turned it down.

my explanation was ... i started this for ME. for me and my family. for friends and family ... and friends that have grown exponentially through blogging ... near and far ...

to share the idea of what i'm thinking and who i am. who we are. to hope that i make someone smile or help someone with something ... anything. and if someone wants to put something on here ... i need to want it there. i need to know that it's something that i want you to see. somewhere that i want you to go to.

so yeah ... that's it. how my blog came to be ... in short ... because i have too many words in my head and they needed to get out. and because i love my girls. primarily, because i want to show the world how much i love my girly-girls.

my coconut. *and* my belly.


Casey said...

Those are two great reasons to blog, and I'm glad you do!

DeeMarie said...

I'm so glad you decided to use this outlet to share!! I have so enjoyed hearing about both your girls and the fun and crazy in your life! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

The best reasons in the world! I love the uniqueness of your site, the words that catch our eyes, the words you WANT us to notice. It works so well. Bravo! You're linked!

Connie Weiss said...

Wonderful birth story!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Hey- thanks for the comment on my blog. I am digging your style. Love the Spin!

Allison said...

I enjoy your blog - I am from my present life - please forgive me, I have tagged you to post 7 random and weird things about yourself. Visit my blog to read mine and the rules

goodfather said...

Great spin! I love your blog, and your reasons for putting it out there :D .

little.birdy said...

Good reasons to start a blog! And I LOVE coconut, the I want some! :)

For Myself said...

So glad it was born! It's unique and fun to read ~ I love it!!

anymommy said...

Aw, a blog is born. Great story. Hope this week is full of light, laughter and holiday spirit!

Trailing Mira said...

I feel a lot of similarities between what you wrote and why I am beginning to enter the world of blogging!

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day :)