Monday, December 15, 2008

google searching ... jen wants.

connie over at theyoungandtherelentless just a few days ago wrote a post based on a post ...

in which ...
these women googled "(insert: their name) wants"

they ended up with some funny prospects about what they want ...
so i decided to try it. because i like to steal ideas when i can't think of anything to say ...

apparently, the celebrity jens out there have really messed things up for me.

here ya go. (and please note ... this is not my christmas wish list mom&dad)

the top 20 things that ...
jen wants ...
  1. a muzzle
  2. human anatomy lessons
  3. vampires in her clan
  4. to play by the rules
  5. a smack daddy
  6. to step it up
  7. taking out for fun
  8. help
  9. a meme
  10. numbersss
  11. to ease up on the lip injections
  12. a road bike
  13. a hug
  14. healing thoughts and prayers
  15. to look inside their relationship to see what the cause could have been
  16. to be committed real soon before she does something crazy
  17. to get OVER it and GET A LIFE!
  18. to acknowledge that she got her ass dumped
  19. a 929 ASAP stunterzcomer
  20. reverse anger management


Sprite's Keeper said...

Well, since you did it for me, thanks! Now I know what I want. Although I don't think #20 is possible...

Connie Weiss said...

These are just so funny! Thanks for playing!

For Myself said...

Why do you suppose Jen wantssssssss numbersssss? Just curiousssssssss.
Regardlesssss, this was fun!