Saturday, May 31, 2008

am i crazy?

so, belly apparently kissed up to mommy today by telling me several times..."you are the best mommy in the world". yep...i fell for it.

and i have agreed to let her have a sleep over tonight.

oh, i'm sure all y'all out there in blog-land have let your children have numerous sleep-overs by the ripe ol' age of 4. but. being that i don't wish belly's sleep habits upon anyone, i must explain. and on the same token, i'm assuming that none most of you don't have a lil'one with sleep habits like mine.

belly started sleeping through the night at 3 - T.H.R.E.E. - 3. seriously. she's my thinker. she thinks about everything all the time. i'm becoming accustomed to answering questions such as - what is the name of chelsea's (a cousin's) busdriver? - at 11:00 at night. i've since learned the answer...and she's still not an every night, all night sleeper.

so, i recently bribed convinced her that if she slept through the night for a certain number of nights (aka mommy gets more sleep)...she could have a sleep-over with her best friend. (no really, they are BEST friends - they've known each other since the age of 1. they are kinda like twin sisters, but...without the same parents.)

so, am i crazy? i'll post evidence of the bottle of wine that i might have to consume later.

keep in mind, daddy is flying this weekend...and i have a one-year old that still likes to wake up...unless i just bring her in bed with me...hmmmmm...that might be the answer.

stay tuned.

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