Monday, May 12, 2008

mommy (s). seems that i haven't had much to say this past week. when in reality it was just a busy week (even though i did mention several times that i should blog about this or that).

and i couldn't bear to put something in front of that last picture of cora immediately after being born. that picture so accurately portrays the raw emotion and love that occurs after a baby is born. it's not a pretty picture by any means. but it is my favorite picture of her birth. and it takes every inch of me back to that very moment in time. i feel that deep instinct of love all over again. it's like seeing a dream fulfilled.

on another note. my mom is in the hospital. super sucks. she has a falls risk bracelet on...that kinda makes me laugh, not because it's funny...but because it's so real. (anything written on jewelry seems real to me). she was sick last weekend and over the week developed pain during walking. by thursday she couldn't walk at all and was brought to the emergency room. (happy mother's day). she's been at the hospital since thursday. luckily (dare i say that?) we found out that she has diabetes. my mom is a strong, willful and determined lady. i think that she will accept that diagnosis and the dietary changes that are going to be necessary to control it. i also think that she loves her granddaughters (and us) so much that she WILL control it, in order to be more healthy for them. we're not sure at this point, what the walking pain is from...infection, arthritis, a combination of both?? but, i think she's getting better - or is that just the pain meds :). hopefully she'll be going home soon. lucky us...we get to keep henry (the dog) a little while longer. - like my house wasn't busy enough, but it's the least i can do...she's my mommy. -

mother's day. (besides my mom being in the hospital). it was good. stella pulled out the cards that out-of-town daddy had hidden in her shirt drawer (needless to say - i found them the day after he left when i was getting her dressed - did he not think i was going to put a shirt on her this week?) anyhoo...i "hid" them again...and she pulled them out yesterday and brought them to me in bed (she was pretty insistent that i must be IN BED for the opening of the cards). honestly, i just thought i was getting cards...husband (and the girls) had inserted a gift card for a spa day! and not just a little spa day - a HUGE spa day. i cannot wait. i'm gonna get a massage - a pedicure - maybe a manicure. we'll see. they circled the hawaiian massage, manicure and pedicure...but we'll see. i might mix it up a bit. doesn't a hawaiian massage sound lovely? i'll describe it in more detail later.

another note. my best friend - the new mother...was sending her mommy back home after, i think, close to 3 weeks of having her around to help with the new little baby S. i really feel for her. they have a great relationship and her mom is so wonderful. i really hope things are going well...and i can't wait to visit. so many new babies and mommies around us lately. baby fever.

happy mother's day to all.
"Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body..." -- Elizabeth Stone

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