Tuesday, May 20, 2008

pairs well with chix noodle casserole.

"what are you serving for dinner tonight?" was what i was asked as i sauntered into the wine shop.
"i'm just looking," was my reply.

--i was not about to ask him what type of wine paired well with chicken noodle casserole...
--i was not about to let him walk me to the most expensive bottle of wine on the shelf.
--and, honestly...that question seemed so...1960s...it kinda bugged. me - serving? i don't SERVE dinner...i try my darndest to get out of work at a reasonable time so that i can run to the grocery store, grab something and get home ASAP, throw it together, throw it in the oven and try to get something else to scrounge up that might go with it and get it on the table before anyone starts complaining. i don't think that is SERVING, in any sense of the word.

really, truly, i was just trying to get something on the table that wouldn't make anyone puke - so we were going for BLAND.
i was just trying to get some chocolate brownies made so that i could resume my chocolate eating habits (had to cut that out while sick) - and i bought m-n-ms (how do you type that word?) to put on top for extra chocolateyness.
AND i just wanted a bottle of wine so that i could find some amount of creative energy to *unwind* after dealing with sick kids and mom's dog peeing on my floor. not to mention, i needed to thank husband for coming home to help take care of us...even though last night i got really pissed at him for not helping me when he didn't know i'd asked. and i actually said to him, "i'm really regretting calling you home...i should have just done this myself...like i do - all. the. time." oops.

ugh. i ended up with a reisling that had really pretty flowers on the bottle. it went relatively nicely with all of the above. and it didn't even read, "pairs nicely with chicken noodle casserole" or "pairs well with trying to make up to husband after being a crab-apple" on the back. lucky me.


A Mom Two Boys said...

As far as I'm concerned, ANY wine pairs with ANYTHING I'm eating.

Glad to see you're feeling better, after looking at your last post! Wine is WAY better than popsicles, no?!

Welcome to AllMediocre!

Anonymous said...

I second 'a mom two boys' on this one - any wine works well with any food for me. Mine is mostly because I have no clue. Trying for something different then the week before is all.

jennifer said...

On my honeymoon in Napa Valley, I learned that whatever wine you like pairs well with whatever you're eating! Even Chicken Noodle Casserole!

zarafa said...

this post made me laugh because my general requirements for buying wine are based on the attractiveness of the label. i am especially fond of brightly colored, shiny ones... go figure.

p.s. i too am against the use of capital letters. ;)