Monday, May 26, 2008


ever have one of those days where time seems to be S-L-O-W-L-Y creeping by? and you keep looking at the clock, hoping that the time will be something close to 5:00 so that you could start dinnertime? or hoping that, perhaps, you missed it and it's now 6;30 - close enough to start baths?
which means that the babes will be able to be in bed by 7:00???????? is still only four.two.four. (according to belly). and both coconut and belly are crying - coconut ran into the door frame as she was chasing belly and then belly ran into the chair i'm sitting on as i was consoling coconut.

i want to defend my offspring by saying that they are both TIRED we are ALL TIRED...too much horse-showing/visiting with friends/swimming/playing for one weekend. however, i know that, quite honestly, my children are just really clumsy.

more about our fun weekend later...right now i'm gonna start dinner and get this show on the road!

UPDATE - by five we had dinner, by six we were out of the bath and nursing, and by seven - two girls ASLEEP! i'm praying that they stay asleep at least until it gets dark out...then they just might be fooled into thinking it IS actually nighttime! keep your fingers crossed!

UP-UPDATE - seriously...i'm never doing that again. they were up ALL NIGHT LONG. constantly. it was so not worth it. sleep is for wimps. and apparently, i'm a wimp...because i. need. sleep.


MomMega said...

Oooh, I am so jealous they were asleep by 7! Enjoy your evening!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Oh, yeah. Early bedtimes don't work at our house. If they're tired early, I just give them a late afternoon short (1 to 1.5) hours and then wake them up and keep them up until their normal bedtime. Last time Zach fell asleep at 6 and slept all night he was ready for the day at 3:45am. I'm NEVER letting that happen again.