Friday, May 2, 2008


hey baby...
are you really gonna be one tomorrow? are you?
i can't believe how much you (and i) have grown over this past year...
exactly one year ago...right now...

- i had just heard the pop pop pop of my water breaking
- i immediately had a overwhelming feeling of fear and excitement and nervousness and urgency
- i wondered how i was ever going to be able to take care of two
- i couldn't figure out how i was going to take both of you to target (who sits where in the cart?)
- i was telling daddy to call boppa (just in case...ha ha ha)
- i was calling my AMAZING midwife to get her ready
- i was attempting to take a shower to see if that would ease things up
- i couldn't believe that i was going to be in the hospital at the same time as your auntie (and brand new cousin a - who was born on the second)
- i was trying to breathe between contractions that seemed to be jumping atop each other
- i had no idea how fast and furious this labor would be
- i was dying to meet you and see you and hold you and kiss you

i was on my way to being a mommy of two...i am so lucky to have you, my little coconut. you really are growing in front of my eyes, right now...

- you seem to LOVE make an elephant noise whenever you hear the E word
- you say "oh" and pat people on the back during hugs
- you put up one pointer finger when people say you are gonna be one
- you clap whenever someone says "good job" or "yeah!"
- you dance whenever someone sings "we're following the leader, the leader, the leader..."
- you are saying SO MANY words - new words everyday!
- you love taking a bath, you crawl towards the bathroom as soon as bathtime is mentioned
- you love talking to daddy on the phone...but you mainly just push buttons
- you twirl your hair when you are shy or nervous
- you love to cuddle in the morning when you wake up
- you still love to nurse

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