Wednesday, June 4, 2008


ahh, the end of the school year.

(well...for the kiddos anyways)

i have at least one more day...(maybe two). ooo, ooo...a list...(for your viewing pleasure)'s my "gotta" list...

-gotta clean out and organize my closet room.
-gotta finish up this never-ending saga with finding a communication device for a student - or at least getting everyone to come up with a plan that can be further implemented over the summer.
-gotta finish shredding the confidential paperwork that piled up after my shredder went kaput kapoot died in an angonizingly slow perishment over a single paperclip. (oh, let it be known...i tried to save that sucker...i even found a screwdriver...but'was not to be). but i digress...
-gotta get all the crap done that i've been saying, "oh i'll get that done over spring break..." - (yeah, right)
-gotta sit down and take some time for myself...see below.
-gotta go and use that massage gift certificate...(oh, can't wait for that one!)
-gotta go and use my spa day.
-gotta get my stuff together to get a little creative this summer - possibly etsy shop? digital scrapbooking...painting my craft area....

i can't wait.

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katy (aka funny girl) said...

Wow. On my last day I vowed to go back to sleep for as long as possible. Your list is making me feel a little inadequate. :-)