Saturday, June 7, 2008

blogging is my new fad diet.

so, blogging away late into the night...
(checking out my "buddies" on

i realized that i had forgotten to eat dinner.

but, now it is (was) 10:00. PM. (OBVIOUSLY...mother of 2 small children - does anyone here believe that i might get the opportunity to blog at 10, AM?)


yes...i had completely become immersed in reading about other people's lives and loves (reality tv, but, um...real. and not on the tv)...and i forgot to eat. gasp.

now...back before blogging was my late night passion endeavor. i would either do housework or watch TV, sometimes both (that's what commercials are for!). i know. i know...a waste of time, especially compared with blogging. (have i mentioned that i enjoy blogging?)

when i did either of those things (and i should probably admit - yes dear husband...i probably watch more TV than i want to tell you i do...but then again, what else are you doing in your hotel room?)...i ate. i've always attempted to eat somewhat healthy foods...but i ate them at the wrong times (i.e., late at night after belly and coconut were asleep) and often more than i should. as well, i'm admitting that my biggest issue with food currently is wanting to eat it uninterrupted. and i often find myself eating something late at night...just 'cause i want to eat something without someone crying or whining.

but now...this blogging thing (not to mention, working out at curves). well...i'm thinking i'm onto something.

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anymommy said...

Okay, that's too funny. I've been tired lately and my husband told me that I shouldn't stay up so late blogging. I just looked at him - it's better than staring at the TV. I can eat ice cream and read blogs though - so it's not helping me avoid late night snacks.