Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i love my bed.

yes, it's true. i can safely say that after sunday evening's camping/concert adventure...I LOVE MY BED. specifically my mattress, but whatever.

friday's return from camping on the north shore was a mix of sadness from leaving (we had so much fun)...and excitement to be home and continue our plan filled weekend. i really did plan to post on saturday, but it was so busy. we ended up on a boat cruise with husband's family on lake minnetonka. ah, it was fun - but just added to the already acquired sunburn. ouch. then we quickly departed sunday morning to a jack johnson concert and camping with friends. i'll write more about these later. - and include some pictures! -

so, that was the fun part.

the horrible parts of the last week included the unfortunate downfall of two (yes, 2) of my childhood pets.

my mom had to put henry to sleep on friday evening following a traumatic fall - we are unsure if a brain injury caused the fall, or if the fall caused a brain injury - he was an older dog. somewhere in the vicinity of 14-15 years old. we acquired him from a dog rescue that i used to help out with. he came to us severely abused. they tried giving him the names "tough guy" and "slider"...but they just didn't fit. he came to be our henry - started out as a foster dog, but flourished and we just couldn't send him to another home. he was definitely quirky. thoroughly enjoyed having people stick their tongues out at him (?) and often wouldn't pee if you were watching...but he was a good dog and it was hard to see him go.

then while we were packing up from the concert/camping adventure...my mom called to say that caliope was not doing well either. caliope was my childhood kitty...she was a gorgeous calico that had the perfect little orange above her nose and beautiful white markings. she slept with me every night...she would jump into my bed and go under my covers as soon as i started downstairs to my room. she loved our old screened in porch and enjoyed the outdoors so much (when we would take her out!). she comforted my mom through some rough patches and, i guess...she just decided that we were ok now and that it was time for her to go.

as i fitfully slept in my bed that i love last night, i remembered the times that she would jump into bed with me and cried as i realized that jet (our black kitty) does a similar thing with belly until she falls asleep at night. and jazzy sleeps the night in coconut's room, with rainy cat laying outside her door. i hope that my girls are comforted by their pets like i was growing up. those animals are a special someone that you can talk to and spill secrets to...and they don't judge or feel any differently about you.

so caliope and henry...watch over us and our loved pets. know that you were completely loved and that we always tried to do the best for you. we're sorry to see you go...but can't wait to scratch your neck and stick our tongues out at you again someday...

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