Thursday, June 12, 2008


husband is home on vacation for the next - hmmmm, how many days was that? - 16 or so days!


in some ways, this is awesome...i actually get to have a partner around for helping with this and that around the house!

in some feels a little daunting...i actually have a partner around.

i'm so used to doing things my way when he is gone. not that i don't take into account, his opinions or thoughts about just that things are run my way. we are kinda used to that.

but we love having him around for more than a 3 day period. we actually get to do some fun things together...things that we never get opportunities to do when he is in and out. this will be fun. we have a couple things planned (which is what i was actually going to sit down and write about...i got sidetracked...sorry.) i'll save those for my next post...maybe later today if you are lucky. :)

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The Honorable Lady Leofwynne le glasyer said...

Hey! Are you guys coming to Richmond in 2 weeks??? I hope so. Email me and let me know!