Thursday, June 17, 2010

plastic shower curtain holder-uppers.

once upon a time.  there was a college girl living in a college town ...

and in her college room bathroom ... she had a craptastic shower curtain.  (which was most definitely a step up from the days of just a shower curtain liner.)

and that craptastic shower curtain was held up by some plastic cheap-o shower curtain holder-uppers.

and then ... the girl met a boy.  and they moved in together.  (ooo.  risque!)
and they continued to use the plastic cheap-o shower curtain holder uppers to holder-upper their shower curtain.

and they got married.
and invested in a nicer shower curtain.

and because of the nicer (fabric!) shower curtain ... they splurged on nicer shower curtain holder-uppers ... metal!  heavy!  s-ish shaped!!  very fancy, nancy.

and they stayed that way.  living with their plum colored fabric! shower curtain and heavy-metal shower curtain holder-uppers.  through moves and new apartments.  and houses.

and then they had kids. 
three of them to be exact.

and the girl couldn't handle the falling off of the heavy hooks! any! longer!  it could be dangerous.  they are so so heavy!  the children's heads were fragile. 
and important.

so she went out to target and bought new cheap-o plastic shower curtain holder-uppers.  once again.

and they lived happily ever after.

but she's holding onto the pretty metal ones for when the kids move out.  someday.


Pamela said...

I got the cheapo plastic ones because the metal ones were too freaking noisy.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

I agree with Pamela even though I don't know her. The metal ones are loud and scary larry!

Who's larry?

anymommy said...

Funny! I have the metal ones. They've never fallen. I think because we mostly bathe in the tub. I'll watch for that though!

Molly said...

if you end up still going to BlogHer I promise to help you wrangle the cutie pies! I'll be there and as a NYCer I've gotten good at strollers and carriers in the city through my nannying job. (Just ask Barefoot Foodie about all the love Gigi got from the blogging ladies)

CC said...

I still haven't advanced to the fancy metal ones yet. But now I'm thinking I never will...

Casey said...

Hah, what a story. Those plastic ones are invincible!