Monday, June 21, 2010

all in a day.

i meant to take pictures.

of this newness.  this new life that i'm leading as a sorta-stay-at-home-mama.
a SAHM with benefits ... if you will.
i think that's what they call it when you get to lead a best-of-both-worlds kind of life.  right? 
if not ... they should.
perhaps SAHMWB is a good way of putting it.

it's who i am for the next several months. 
and then ... after that ... i get to be a part-time mama part-time speech-language pathologist.
and that is so completely head over heels awesome for me. 
because i get to continue what i do ... and still be home for my kids.

honestly.  quitting our daycare was one of the hardest good-byes i've ever had to make.  there are these two amazing women that have helped me nurture these beautiful children.  and i'm taking my children away ... and hoping like hell that i can do just as good of a job on my own. 
or with the help of jeremy.  and family.  and friends.  of course.

our village.

and today?
was our first day in this new-ness. 

we tried to go to costco - but we were too early.  so we headed to the grocery store down the street.  i nursed the babe - a lot.  he napped.  we set up the swimming pool.  we had friends stop by for hellos.  we played school.  we wrote our names in shaving cream on the kitchen table.  i attempted to perfect the iced coffee.  we ate broccoli cheese soup.  we splashed in the pool.  little boy blue napped.  we watched a movie.  we figured out what to do when you forget taco seasoning at the store and you are making tacos.  (it's actually better.)  we ate dinner with grandma.  we went to a soccer game.  finn nursed on the sidelines.  we played at the park.  we talked to daddy on the phone.  some of us got in bed.  some of us wrote a blog post.

and that was just part of the day.

it was packed and it was busy and it IS wonderful.  absolutely wonderful.  and i lived it.

so sorry for the lack of pictures.  i was busy living today.


Christine said...

That IS exactly what the days are like. No need for pictures, I saw it all in my head. Beautiful.

Glad you are finding the best of everything. :)

Pamela said...

do share the secret of your taco success!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I envy your new life. :-)

Casey said...

Oh yeah, SAHMness is hectic and crazy but mostly fun. Welcome to the club!

dig this chick said...

yay for head-over-heels awesome!

Connie said...

Sounds like the perfect day! May there be many more....