Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i heart play

i heart play, originally uploaded by jenniferlivolson.
another i {heart} faces challenge.

it's amazing.

you can spend oodles of dollars on toys.
and they love the box.

you can buy them a beautiful kitchen set.
and they would much rather play amongst your feet while you cook.

you can find an umbrella under the backseat of the car ...
and - even if it's not raining - they can play with it for hours.

that ... is my cora. lover of boxes, kitchen utensils ... and umbrellas.

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i {heart} faces held a photo walk around the country ... and there was one in my neck of the woods ...
so. much. fun.
soon ... i promise to share more!


Samantha D. said...

I love her squinty face in this photo from her smile! What a great catch.

Full of Grace said...

My kiddos love playing in the rain with umbrella's too, you did an awesome job!!! :)

Kelly Hutcheson said...

I'll have to pull out our umbrellas! ! Genius!!!:))

Tracy P. said...

I love what you wrote as much as the picture. So very sweet and TRUE!

Naomi said...


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Hi Jen!

It's been months since I've checked in with you. Wow look at you still blogging with your newest little addition. He's just beautiful!! Belated congratulations!!

Much love from NJ,

Me said...

Beautiful picture of a gorgeous little girl. When my oldest (now 15) was a toddler, his favorite toy was a $1 yellow, plastic, lemonsqueezer ;-)

swonderful said...

that is my clark too! lover of tape measures, goggles, boxes, and string. a photo walk sounds awesome!

Casey said...

She is so darn sweet. And umbrellas are a huge hit around here, I let the kids run up and down the slip n slide with them and they think it's awesome.