Tuesday, December 1, 2009

almost there ...

too tall tipped bench2, originally uploaded by jenniferlivolson.
another week has gone by ... too few posts ... but another entry over at i {heart} faces ...

which ... funny enough ... doesn't want to see faces this week.
it's all about the ... behinds. seats. pockets. tushies to be exact.

this week is i {heart} tushies.
click on over here to see all the fun entries!

snapped this picture in the midst of attempting to get all of the grandchildren onto a bench at the apple orchard.
a very tilted bench at the apple orchard.
a very tilted (and apparently tall) bench at the apple orchard.

poor coconut.
mama decided to take a picture rather than give her a boost.
i guess that's what happens when mama has a camera in her hand.


Anonymous said...

Love this shot, great entry for I(heart) Tooshies!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I heart my kid's tushy too, but this is a beautiful photo!

Some call me Neesie. said...

ah Mama, I understand. too cute!

amanda said...

awesome pic friend.

and i swear beans has looked back at me before and is like hello? u going to put that camera down and help me over here!

Pamela said...

kids tushies are the bestest.