Saturday, May 30, 2009

so ... where was i?

also entitled ... where the hell has she been?

and yes ... i realize that it hasn't even been a full week since i last posted ... but holy granola. it kinda feels like this week has been about 16.2 days long.
or maybe it's just me.

and honestly ... the last few posts? kinda surprised that anyone has stuck around.

so ... i have a challenge for myself ... and for you if you are interested. a little something to put a smile on my face after this last week ... and to get me through the next 4 days of school. (and if anyone wants to come by and run a few meetings for me ... or complete the kid's summer folders ... or help me pack up my room and say goodbye to these kiddos that i've seen bloom over the past few years ... feel free.)

i am going to tell you 3 things that i can't wait to do this summer (thanks kelle for this idea! i am completely aware that i stole it from you ... but i needed a pick me up ... i hope you don't mind!)

... and i want you to do the same in the comments ... tell me 3 things that you are looking forward to ... and ... and ... and ...

for your troubles ... i'm gonna do a giveaway. i will (randomly - probably from a hat or a bowl ... or hell maybe i'll waterproof the names and throw them in the kiddie pool and have the girls catch it with a fishing net ...) pick a name to win a hand stamped personalized necklace from yours truly.

i've been fooling around with these necklaces for a little while ... and i'm actually going to be selling them (hopefully!) at a local farmer's market this summer. wish me luck. i'm kinda excited ...

comments will be closed on midnight, friday may 5th ...

if you are the winner (yippee!) ... we can chat via email to see what names or words that you would like on your necklace ... i've typically done a name and a birthstone ... but i'm sure we can come to some compromise if that's not what you want ... oh yeah ... and i'm going to limit the number of discs to 4 in the giveaway ... sorry to get all specific and technical on y'all.

my hand stamped necklace is the only piece of jewelry that i wear on a daily basis. it's simple. and i love having my girly-girls names next to my heart when i can't be with them.

so yeah ... onto my 3 things i'm super excited about ... besides the farmers market.

one ... spending more time with my girly-girls and husband ... the summer schedule of a school based slp is so worth the less pay.

two ... a bit of traveling ... at the very least a family trip to arkansas, a few camping trips up north and (hopefully) a visit out to see my best(est) friend with the girls.

three ... walking around barefoot ... my toes love to see the light. even if they aren't pretty at the time ... mama sure needs a pedicure.

so ... tell me ... what are you looking forward to this summer?


Casey said...

Hey, welcome back! Summer is upon us all and I think our blog time is all going to be cut short.

I'm looking forward to less chauffeuring, playing in the pool and just spending time outside with the kids. Of course, it's HOT here so the outside time will most likely be spent in the pool...

I could sure use a pedi too.

Keely said...

I totally need a pedi too. I have multiple spa gift certs I could use, it's finding the freakin time!

I'm looking forward to peaceful time in my garden with X, the smell of mown grass (or ANY grass), and sitting on the front deck as the sun goes down. There are many more but you said 3 ;)

KJ said...

The Three Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing This Summer:
1. Spending time on the patio, relaxing in the Sun.
2. Sandals..I hate wearing socks and tennis shoes!
3. Dress Shopping with my Wedding Party.

PS. Went to the local farmers market for the first time ever yesterday...pretty neat! I'd like to go back again...great corn on the cob :D

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Great post Jen! I needed a pick me up too.

3 things I'm looking forward to doing this summer:

1. Spending time with my kids, my girlfriends and their kids at the local beach making great childhood memories.

2. Eating fresh tomatoes from the fruit & veggie stand. They are absolutely my favorite!!

3. Reaching my goal weight.

Good luck with the jewelry endeavor. I hope I win because the necklace sounds lovely!

Much love from NJ,

Pamela said...

By up north I hope you mean up in NY? Yes? Please? Bring the team? Yes?

I am looking forward to:
1) playing in the garden with the short people.
2) ripping the roof off my house (well, not me, per se, but that sucker's coming off) and having full-height ceilings in our entire upstairs.
3) grilling every night and campfires.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Did someone say free jewelry? Pick me!
3 things I look forward to this summer since Daycare and work don't change:
1. Sprite's swimming lessons
2. Problem free naps since she'll be so tired from the swimming lessons
3. Can I just say I'm REALLY looking forward to Number 2? Oh, fine. Going to Chicago!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I am so looking forward to this summer! I posted a whole list of summer plans on my blog last week :) Here is what I am most looking forward too.....
1. Three weeks at the lake with Z and my family (and S on and off)
2. Being able to not feel guilty about eating my favorite summer foods and not exercising every day (pregnancy in the summer isn't all bad)
3. Going on lots of "adventures" with Z.

Good luck with the last 4 days of school!!!

Mama E said...

I am looking forward to... bike rides to the library and park with my daughter, time at the beach and pool with daughter and friends, and I sure hope my summer brings a pedicure too!

amanda said...

a) do you live close to arkansas? bc if so - i will meet you at walmart!

b) soooo excited for your farmers market adventure and sooo proud of you - i am sure you will be a huge hit!

c) i am looking forward to sun tea and road trips and soaking up the extra long days with beans and the hubby :)

d) thanks for getting me in the mood for summer!

Aloicoius said...

I was actually thinking about how excited I am to check out our local farmers market again this summer. I was super pregnant last summer so I only went once.

And I can't remember if you live in Utah, but if you do I am a nail tech and do pedicures. So let me know, I'll hook you up girl!

Connie said...

Only 4 more days!!

1. Watching the garden grow.
2. Our family vacation to Milwaukee (renting a house on a lake)
3. My sister visiting!

Heather said...

Three things hu???
1. walking around without a bra least til the kids get home from x's.
2. trying not to kill the flowers that I planted.
3. Sleeping in.

Shangrila said...

Hey, I've missed you! Also, if THAT is a pic of you "needing a pedicure" I am in BIG TROUBLE-lol!

This summer I am looking forward to:

Having my baby girl home with me EVERY DAY,

Taking my fam to all of the MN family fun at the MN zoo, The Children's Museum, Como, The Science Museum, Insistute of Arts and MCAD, Children's and Stage's theaters, MOA, etc.,and

taking the trip to WA with my husband for my girlfriend's wedding at the beginning of Aug, and seeing Jason Mraz in concert w/my sisters at the end of August!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

1. Waking up Lily and rocking her awake each morning singing You are My Sunshine"...offkey and all.

2. Spending everyday in the pool with Lily on the sunshelf and umbrella!

3. Going on mini vacations equaling one big one!! :)

CC said...
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CC said...

Actually, as a school based SLP I actually have a higher pay than my clinic peers. It rocks to have summers off too. ;)

3 things...

1. The screaming, biting, hitting kids will be my own and not those of strangers.... ;)

2. sun glorious sun

3. getting time attend exercise classes again!

blissfully caffeinated said...

I actually have to say that I'm looking forward to the end of summer. Kindergarten starts and our new babeh will be along shortly after.

little.birdy said...

1. Longer days
2. Lighter class and clinic load
3. Lighter class and clinic load ;)
I am also enjoying all of the growing things. My little herblings are getting so big! I can't wait to make delicious dishes with them.

jen said...

according to my clock ... time's up. no more comments accepted as of right. now.
maybe i'll stage another giveaway soon!
i'll let you know the winner in the morning! g'nite.