Monday, February 9, 2009

hasay ... week 16

and the only reason that i know that already is that i say casey's hasay update this morning ... before work ... and put a giant sixteen ... 16 ... SIXTEEN! on a sticky note in my brain.

(don't know what hasay is? click on the links above ... she explains it quite nicely.)

my wii fit informed me ... rather late last night ... following a late dinner ... which is so not the norm around my house ...

shall i explain before indicating what my wii fit told me?
well. my blog. (i may have asked the question ... but i don't always require a response ... it's more of a glimpse into the dialogue of my brain-conversation ... )

so yeah. yesterday my mom was attempting to get me to make an effort to take my god awfully-clingy-and-crabby i-love-them-so-much children to her house. because (as she said ...) "you need to get them out of the house! that will help! they love to come here!" when i reminded her that she would have NEVER taken us out of the house when we were that crabby ... (hmmm ... finished the antibiotic on saturday ... might it be a return of the never-ending ear infection?? crabby...)

she relented.
"no ... i probably wouldn't have."

case closed until mother in law calls to request an outing with stella to go ice skating! which was nixed when we realized that, although stella's hand-me-down skates from a co-worker fit fabulously last year ... this year? not so much. so instead they decided to go sledding. i fed the girls a quick lunch, thinking that i would eat when cora napped.

great. now i'm left alone ... again ... with the crabbiest toddler this side of the mississippi. (who i love dearly ... oh god, i love her so much it hurts ... but ... honestly. this general feeling of moooommmmmyyyyyy ... said in the whiniest tone ... has got to go one of these days - and nights - round the clock folks.)

so off stella goes. and when she returns ... (after cora finally went down and woke up from a short nap) ... they come with mcdonalds in hand (and a skinned up chin). which stella proceeded to share with her sister. oops. she shared the mcdonalds ... not the chin injury. screw editing. during that nap ... i did not eat. i worked on my secret photo blog. (which took FOREVER, because holy hell my computer is s.l.o.w.)

so ... now ... i've basically missed two meals that the kids have received ... which would be great for the hasaying ... except that i was STARVING!

so after a quick jaunt to the store (thank you g-ma and auntie!) for some crafting materials and milk ... and coffee creamer (because i have been going through it like no tomorrow.) i threw in a pizza. which equaled ... quick snack for the girls ... food for the mama.

and then the girls fell asleep so quickly!
and i decided to wii fit so that i could be ready for this post. and ...

(yippee! we are finally back to the original story! role call!! ... who stuck around for the ending of this never-ending-post??)

my wii fit said ...
that i had gained 1.5 pounds. sucky late night pizza poundage. but on a happy note! my wii fit age is 32! (totally cool ... because that's my actual age!)

explanation? i'm noticing much more core strength. like, when i'm in the car with another driver ... i notice that i feel much more stable during turns ... and, yes ... i know how silly that sounds. but i feel that i'm much more in control of the core of my body and how i move around. i feel much more centered and even. i don't feel like it's helping me lose pounds, yet. but i haven't been overly using the aerobic portion of it.

new goals ...
~ no soda pop ... y'all might have to hold my hand on that one (maybe i'll let myself have ONE on the weekend)
~ husband and i are thinking of doing a body cleanse over the next 10 days. i'll let you know what i think of it next week. (gross i know ... but anyone out there ever done it?? suggestions? i'm scared.)
~ pledging to do at least 15 minutes aerobics (elliptical or wii fit), 15 minutes yoga (before work) and 15 minutes balance work on the wii fit over the next week ... EVERY DAY.

and husband comes home tomorrow! for 10 full days! isn't that the most exciting thing ever?


beth said...

You Wii loves you and wants you to be younger than you really are. Good news about your husband being home, too.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Yoga is my favorite. I intend to work myself up to 80-90 minutes a day of that loveliness!

Glad your age is 32. I'm not sure what mine would be. I hope it would be at least 31 seeing as that's how old I really am, but I dunno...dum dum dum dum duuuuuummmmmmm

Keely said...

Pop is a big one. Good luck with it, I'm virtually holding your hand!

Um..holding your hand virtually. You know what I mean.

Be careful with the cleanse thing. Depending on what it is, it can make you feel great and healthy or it can make you feel like crap and break out in hives.

For Myself said...

I love how you non new englanders say pop. It makes my day.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Let me know how the soda deprivation goes. I wanna see if someone else loses it before I take the plunge. Yay for hubby coming home!

Christy said...

No pop? That is crazy talk.

Mrsbear said...

You let the Wii Fit weigh you after pizza?! Wow, that's uhm brave. Good luck with the body cleanse. Sounds a little icky, but you should definitely weigh yourself after.

Laufa said...

The last time I weighed before and then after the work-out a half hour later and I had gained a pound. So it's a take or leave it kind of scale. If you do it on the carpet, it makes a difference also.
Body cleanse huh? Good luck, I think.

Laufa said...

The last time I weighed before and then after the work-out a half hour later and I had gained a pound. So it's a take or leave it kind of scale. If you do it on the carpet, it makes a difference also.
Body cleanse huh? Good luck, I think.

DeeMarie said...

I have cut out my Diet Coke too. It's no fun. I'm not going to lie.
I'm so happy for you that your husband will be home for 10 days!!!!!!
Let me know how the cleanse goes. I have considered it, but I haven't given in yet.

Casey said...

Stupid Wii Fit. I've been stepping it up with soda and coffee creamer these last few sleep deprived months... I may just follow your lead and go cold turkey.

Yes, I've done a "cleanse" I'd tell you the name of it but you'd laugh. Ok, it was called Colon Blow. Stop laughing, it was an actual product (and they sent us a free CB t-shirt for ordering online). Hehehehehhe.