Friday, February 20, 2009

dear kitty.

dear kitty,

just for the record ... when you follow reallyclosebehindme to get into the ladies room with me before i shut the door ... that's totally fine.
(i'm usually shutting the door to keep out the rest of the family ... or, at the very least ... ATTEMPTING to keep them out. funny how post - kids, alone bathroom time becomes sacred.)

i'm pretty ok with the fact that you rub up against my legs purring ...

i realize that you just want a little bit of attention ... 'cause you don't get it so much anymore.

and i don't even complain when you curl up on my towel while i'm in the shower (although ... since this is my blog and i can say what i want ... it would be nice if you didn't get pissy when i ask you to get off ... and also ... try to minimize the fur on the towel ... thanks. that fuzz sticks to wet skin.)

but ... my true qualm about the whole situation is this ...
as soon as that door closes ... CLICK ... there is absolutely no need for you to scramble your paws beneath it ... attempting to pry it back open. whining and meowing and howling ... as if we are going to be stuck in here. FOREVER. (drama queen.)

honestly, honey ... we're ok.

i have thumbs.

love, mama.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Very cute! And very cute cat! (And coming from me, a non cat loving person, that is a compliment!)

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

What a pretty kitty! I love cats! And it's funny how the will do things like stick their paws under doors, lay where they are not supposed to- we had a cat once that used to sleep in the sink. No bathroom sink was safe. He'd just curl up in there and go to sleep!

KJ said...

I giggled after reading this post, reminded me of my cat back home. He will follow anyone into the bathroom, and either try to get out again, or he'll meow like crazy because he wants more food in his dish. That bathroom happens to be where his food is, yet it is very hard to fill the dish while actually using the bathroom!

Heather said...

Just be glad "your" dog is trying to stick her nose in the toilet WHILE YOUR GOING!!!
I'd rather have a drama queen kitty some days!!!

Casey said...

Aww, she is so sweet! I love purring, I miss it... we're dog people now and they don't purr and if they do make a purring sound, they're growling.

My parents stole my three cats in the year I lived at home after college. Now they have their two and my three. Insane. One of them will FLIP if you don't let her in the bathroom since my dad lets her drink from the faucet. If you ask Graham what Willow says, he'll say "Hisssssssssssssssssssss". She's mean.

Keely said...

lol! EVERYONE follows me into the bathroom these days. My son wants to know what's going on under my bum. The dog wants to sit in my lap. Gah.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Great writing about such an everyday occurrence!! So true about post-kids alone time in the bathroom. Only I have a big yellow lab that needs to poke her nose under the door trying to get theory is, then don't come in in the first place!! Simple concept really. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Much love from NJ,

bernthis said...

i used to have a dog that would sit. leaning against the door, panting, waiting for me to open it and come out. Can you say Needy?

nicirae said...

haha. Great pic of your kitty.