Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one year.

oh finn.
one year already.

it just doesn't seem possible that you have been in my arms for an entire year now.
and out of my arms and in my arms and out of my arms and in my arms and out of my arms and in my arms.
(you've become a bit of a mover and a shaker.)

and a walker.
and a climber.
and a talker.
and a crazy crawl towards the dog dish and stick your hands in as quick as you can before mom notices-er.
my finner.

finner.  finners.  finnamon.  finny.  baby boy blue.  baby blue.  blue. 

we all love you so.  sosososososoSO much.

thank you for choosing us to be your family.

even if i do draw crazy pictures of you driving a vw bus ...

and now.  like i do for all my babies.
on your first birthday ...

here is the one (and you have no idea how hard it is to narrow down to just one) thing i love the most about you.  right now.  at this very second.

your cuddles.

i love how you crawl crazily across the floor to simply lay your head in my lap.  or how you grab your most favoriteist blankie and pull it along in order to snuggle.  or how you just lean in for hugs and kisses.  whenever possible.

i love you finners.
to the moon.
and back.

happy one year, little boy.

read my first letter to finn here.
finn's arrival here.
and his birth story here.


Mrs. Bird said...

Happy Birthday, Finn, and Finn's momma!!

The Pilot's Wife said...

What a sweet wonderful post. Happy 1st birthday Finn!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife

Michele said...

Saw your post on The Pilot's Wife & decided to stop by. You have an adorable family. I loved the picture you posted with your guest post. Very talented.

Stop by & visit me sometime
Thanks Michele

Amanda said...

So cute! And so sweet... happy birthday little man!

Casey said...

Wow, I stop blogging for a bit and your kid turns ONE! Happy Birthday, sweet Finn. He is too cute.

tracy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. Cherish those days. I cannot believe how quickly they fly. xo

Bargain Hoot said...

Love this picture of your little guy!! I also love his birthday cookies!! I blogged about them cuz' they are soooo cute too!

Lisa S said...

Any chance of getting this for a friends son who turns one in july? I'd be willing to send you my info

jen said...

lisa s.
i guess i'm confused ... are you interested in having me make this into a card or something for your friend's son??
feel free to email me and we can work something out i'm sure.
i think i still have the uploaded photos of the drawing that i did ... let's talk.