Friday, July 10, 2009

by the numbers.

8,437,698,291 ... tears that have been shed since my body was overtaken by pregnancy hormones.

624,539 ... renditions of mommy/mama/mom heard in a whiny tone of voice ... yesterday.

519 ... blog posts to read (and possibly comment on) in my blog reader.

98 ... tosses and turns that i made attempting to get comfortable last night in bed.

85 ... forcasted high for today.

84 ... percent humidity.

69 ... current temperature. overcast. bummer.

22 ... swimming attempts that i was able to watch stella manage in the pool the other day. we're close!

16 ... ounces of pasta noodles to cook for a get-together with friends and their kids later this morning.

10 ... necklaces that i need to finish stamping for the farmer's market.

8 ... kids that are going to be here looking for fun later this morning.

6 ... number of times that i was awokened in the middle of the night last night. either by children, or my bladder.

4 ... thirty o'clock - the time that jeremy awoke to get himself to the airport.

3 ... cats that are bugging me to feed them.

2 ... girly-girls that i want to cherish every waking minute with.

1 ... little someone that i am working very hard to grow.

* please excuse my absence lately. i'll be back someday. soon. hopefully.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Just glad to know you're okay. :-)

Pamela said...

take your time, lovey.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

Oh my busy girl! Love the updates!!

Keely said...

It's hard work growing those! Take your time! ;)

amanda said...

2 and 1 sound like the most important things ever - enjoy :)

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I for one, have missed you! Glad to know you're alive and kicking!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Get some rest and take care of yourself :) We will all be here when you are ready to blog again!

OHmommy said...

whoa and i thought i was busy. hope you get some me time soon. :)

MoDLin said...

Busy as you are, don't forget to carve out a little time for number one - you! Can you squeeze in a bubble bath, a walk around the block or a nap once in a while? You deserve a little R&R or a breath of fresh air occasionally, too.

dig this chick said...

sweet little list. busy busy...