Wednesday, January 7, 2009

whee!!! we can wii!!!

yesterday ... mid-day ...

i talked to the husband ... (remember ... winter break is OVER. i'm back at work. sucky.)

who happened to be at home ...

ahhh ... the life of a pilot.


apparently he ... the one who slept through children puking on two separate over-night affairs ... is the one who got the sicky germs (that'll learn ya.)

but anyways ... this post is already off in random thought land ... sorry about that.

so i call him.

and say ... oops. silly me. i completely forgot that in september i agreed to attend tonight's ptsa meeting. so i'm gonna grab dinner with two friends and then go to that and i'll be home around 7.

he didn't sound pleased.

and in my head ... i was thinking ... what? i should be allowed to run out for a good dinner with friends and you can take care of the children for a few hours. i'll get home sometime, for goodness sakes (note ... this was BEFORE we knew he was ill ... i'm not that awful.)

when i found out (a few hours later) that he wasn't feeling well ... i asked him if he needed me to change my plans. he said they would be fine. so i proceeded with my plans and got home about 7:30.

and find my husband (looking slightly more green in the face) and my girly-girls ... singing happy (early) birthday with a lit candle aboard a mini cheesecake (with fruit on top ... ).

and a wii.

and a wii fit.

my husband (although i won't kiss him ... for at least 5 days) is the best man ever.

and not just because he got me something that i've really been wanting ... but, because he got it knowing that it would make me happy. and he is always wanting me to be happy.

and i am.

because i have a terrific husband and two amazingly wonderful little girls.

(and also a little sore ... because i hula hooped until 11:30 last night ... he was sick and in bed and the girly-girls were sleeping ... it was quiet ... and damn! that is too much fun!)

also ... note ... my wii fit might verge into my blogging time. i'm sure gonna miss you guys.

kidding. but tomorrow ... on my real birthday? look for a guest post. 'cause i'm probably gonna be on the wii.


Allison said...

I'm hearing fantastic things about this Wii fit. - I'm gonna have to look into it! Happy birthday - sounds like you have a wonderful family to help you celebrate. cheers!

Laufa said...

Woohoo for Wii!! Have you wii-ed standing up yet? (You know you want to say it out loud.)Your poor hubby, hope he feels better soon.

HeatherPride said...

Happy B-day! Stay away from the plague!

Christy said...

We have a Wii too, but we never use it. How lazy are we?

Christy said...

Did you notice that I used the words "we" and "Wii" approximately 500 times in my comment? You're welcome.

Sprite's Keeper said...

A very happy birthday and I hope you have a blast with your Wii fit! (That was pretty awesome of your husband, btw)

Casey said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like your husband go the perfect gift. I'll miss you...

DeeMarie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your Wii!! And I'm so jealous of the cheesecake... yum!!

Heather said...

Happy "wii" Birthday!!!

KJ said...

have you tried the tight rope yet???
i get motion sick from that, but i love it!