Saturday, March 12, 2011


it's funny.
i'm so acutely aware of visuals and pictures and colors and ohmythecolors.  my head is filled with them.

it's just what i've always been.

colors spark emotion in me like nothing else.  if i feel something.  i think a color.  it's completely tied together.  i've never though as much about it as i just have here in those last few seconds of plunking away on my keyboard. 

do you do that ... that whole thinking in color thing??  or am i just really weird?

and yet ... today ... i finally pulled out my poor camera that has spent far too many days tucked away while we all faced sick upon sick.

hidden away because ...
i'm rather positive that no one needs to see photographic proof of finn puking every. single. night.  sometime between 12:30 and 1:00 am. 
or the ensuing laundry that had to be done.  every. single. night.
or the poor baby's SIX pounds that he lost over the course of a week.
(thank god that he is still nursing.)
or me.  sick.  (let's just not go there, ok?)
or the countless trips to the pediatrician ... attempting blood draws and xrays.  trying to figure out the cause of that whole weird puking thing that finn was doing.  that lead to dilated loops of bowels or some crazy diagnosis like that ... THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER GOOGLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  trust me.

by the way ... my mother in law might just kill me for writing this ... but i think she despises the word puke.  or puking.  like drives her crazy despises ... based upon something she said when stellers was little and i said that word. 
and so quite possibly?
this entire post - if she reads it - will drive her bonkers because i've just said puke like 842 times. 
and the thought of that makes me feel like going back and changing those words to vomit.  or eject.
but i'm not going to ... sorry.

there would also be a few photos showing you my monster cat that ... on top of the entire family being sick with something or other ... decided to go and get himself a bladder infection.  complete with crystals and blood in the urine. 
and how do we know?  because i am apparently really good at catching cat pee ... in a cup.  yay! me!
so if i wasn't at the pediatrician's office ... i was at the vet.  or in bed.  (if i was lucky).

let's circle back on around now, shall we?

so ... i'm a super visual person which is why i feel incredibly weird about posting without a picture.

and yet?

what i really wanted to tell you ...

was that ... tonight?  while i walked the dog outside ... my neighbors windchimes played music.  that i'm assuming is always there ... i just don't listen to it often enough.

and as i sit hear and focus on the tippity-taps of my fingers ... i hear drip-drops ... outside. 
which is most assuredly a sign of spring.  in the-very-near future.

and the refrigerator hums.  quietly. 

and occasionally i hear a snore from the dog or the padding of pawsteps against the wood flooring from a cat. 

or a sleepy sigh from a baby asleep.  thankfully.  asleep.  and probably for not too much longer asleep.

so i should really go listen to all of those things from the comfort of my quilts and my bed snuggled against my pillow.  before i hear the cry of a baby in the middle of the night asking for mama.  or bay-bee (which means blankie).

so ... good night.


Kate said...

The whole seeing in color thing has a name.... kinesthesia, and it's totally normal. A lot of people have it. Like me.

I'm incredibly visual too, and also have another form of kinesthesia- color too, but more musical. The original 'Fantasia' with it's soundtrack of images to lilting classical music is the most amazing display of musical kinesthesia I've known. It fascinates me endlessly.

And I'm lost without pictures to my words too. But sometimes, we write words so descriptively that pictures aren't always necessary. You do have that gift and I enjoy your posts, with or without photos of your lovely children.

Tracy P. said...

Do you realize your header is black and white? How is that working out for you? ;-)

It also has boots and snowpants. Won't be long! I know a couple of people on my 365 blog who gave up color for Lent and will only be posting b/w pictures for six weeks. I. cannot. imagine.