Thursday, March 17, 2011


i read someone somewhere who said blogging isn't always about blogging the big things.

it's about blogging the moments.

(was that you?)

i probably could remember these things if i didn't have a reader jammedfull of so.many.posts.  that i don't get the time to get to ... but i hate to send into oblivion ... because what if i miss something?


i try really really hard to remember to acknowledge those momentsespecially the little things.  that someone said.  or a glimpse i had of a child's thoughts.  or an idea that flitted it's way through my concious.  though often the moments are rushed and chaotic and quickly pulse into the next moment ... lost {not quite} forever into the depths of my mind ... and i can imagine myself an old lady in a rocking chair.  remembering.  {hopefully vividly}

and then sometimes.  i try to capture it.
just because i might not remember.
or i might need a trigger.
or because godforbid something ever happen to me ... i want someone else to have an idea of what that glorious moment looked like.  so that they can share it.  and they can see this beauty that i saw. 

in those everyday moments ... that stood out to me.  for some reason or another. 

and i was alone with the boy last weekend.  so things probably were are a little centered around him  in these pictures all the time actually. 

this boy of mine.  he has my heart.  but he loves him some boppa time ... well ... at least when daddy isn't around.  he will leave mama for daddy or boppa.  unless he wants to nurse.  i'm currently under the assumption that i will have to cut him off when he leaves for college.  though ... hopefully he'll do it on his own time.  much much earlier than that.

please excuse the boy wearing cora's cinderella pajamas.  in black and white it wasn't completely obvious.  but ... poor kid has minimal jammers.  and he completely can destroy a pair of pajamas in a single meal.  kid changes clothing all. the. time.  and cora has an overabundance of pajamas.  (not sure how ... but she can convince anyone during a target shopping escapade that she needs pajamas and underwear.)

 there was just something about putting him in a flannel shirt that changed him from baby to boy. 

ohmydeargoodness.  he's my. boy. 

and i'm fascinated by how happy that word makes me.  i never thought i would get to that point.  if you've been around here awhile you know that the thought of blue sent me into tears when i found out about him.  but ... you all were right ... i have fallen for him.  and there just isn't ANYTHING quite like the love that a boy has for his mama. 

he might go to daddy and boppa for fun.  but ... we have something pretty special. 

 and then he managed to flithify another outfit. 
and a bath was in order.
and he got that entire bath to himself.

and he played

and though i'm not sharing the tummy picture on here.  (because though none of you are kooks - of course ... they are out there). 

and that?

is the moment that i will remember when i'm old and sitting underneath a chunky knit blanket rocking back and forth ... my baby boy's tummy.  his pooched out little tum.  while he splashed and played and smiled in bathwater that was getting cold by the second.  how he giggled when i blew bubbles that caught windstreams in the quiet air of the steamy bathroom and floated up and away.  how he stared in amazement as i poured water from a glass watching it cascade into the bath water as he tried to grasp it ... but couldn't.

moments.  unlike the stream of water pouring from above ... they can be caught.  and filtered away.  and saved for another day. 


Naomi said...

Just precious. Love those everyday moments! :)

Annie said...

very well written.
And a great reminder to capture the moments.

Jen said...

Where to begin? That third baby is just so amazing, right? I read a blog this week on Mommypants--a post to her son on his 2-year b'day. Her third. And the power of the LAST baby. And, oh, when they turn into KID, whether by a shirt or a word. And expression, a desire. Oh, it tears away a piece of our hearts.
I love your words here, your moments that are little but oh so BIG. I love the blue eyes and the blue shirt and the tufts of hair that say, "A part of me is still a baby." I don't read you often enough (I, too, have an overflowing Reader.), but I always find greatness when I do. Keep going!

Kelly said...

my favorite line...not plagerizing if I copy and paste it here while crediting you right?

moments. unlike the stream of water pouring from above ... they can be caught. and filtered away. and saved for another day