Friday, March 25, 2011

dude has some fashion sense.

 (note.  i didn't say GOOD fashion sense.)

just don't ignore the cuteness. 
because seriously.  who could??

finners LOVES dora. 
i take that back.
cora loves dora.
so therefore finners loves dora too.

and caillou.

please send tequila, wine and chocolate to my home address.  thank you for your support.

my little blue caboose saw this sock and HAD. TO. WEAR. IT.
like immediately.
over his pajamas.

and then we went to the store.

and because he's a third baby ... he went in his pajamas.  because i had to get dressed.  and i can only dress a maximum of three people per day. 

stella had to go to school - one.
cora was wearing a tank top - two.
i was wearing the same black yoga pants that i had been wearing when jeremy left on his trip.  three days ago.  - THREE.

you have no idea how many people stopped me to tell me that the boy was missing a sock.  with a slightly confused look on their face.

one look at cora - wearing a kermit the frog shirt and purple pants and an easter sweater ... surely could have put them at ease. 

clothes are just not a fight that i choose to fight as a mama.

plus.  little boy was gladly entertained by dora for much of the morning. 

and that?
makes me smile.


Pamela said...

first of all, you have to watch the honey badger video that's all over everywhere.

then, as you're watching it, imagine that guy narrating caillou.

caillou don't give a shit.

and you will laugh. swear to god.

also, my supersecret was on five star friday.

darcie said...

Ha!! I don't fight the clothes battle either...and my kids (yes, both if them, frequently wear their pajamas in public....I sure wish I had the 3rd child excuse! :)

Tracy P. said...

Sure enough I come back from my vacation to find your blog back in living color! :-) This post is awesome. I don't choose that fight either. Although I still fight the temptation every so often!

Your little Cora is your mini-me. She's darling.

Galit Breen said...

OMG LOVE the sock. And sending tequila STAT!

is that legit?! Can i do that? :)

Kelly said...

Love the dora sock and the math game of who gets dressed for the day...classic!