Sunday, March 6, 2011

big wide mouthed frog.

have you ever seen this book?

so cute.

it's always been one of my favorites.

it's about a little frog with a big mouth that runs around asking animals who they are and asks what they eat.

he's kind of a little dude with a big self esteem.

plus i love the pictures.
(what's up with me and writing about pictures in kids books so much lately?)
and i love the australian animals that he meets. 

especially this emu. 

... and in the end there's a twist and turn you just won't expect. 

and all of this just to say ... i'm sick of talking about myself.  and i feel kinda like the frog.  and i want to know more about you.

so ...
who are you? 


Tracy P. said...

Some comedienne told this story back when I was a little girl (assuming it was the same one), and I'll never forget how animated her face was as she said, "What do you feed your BAAAAAY-BEEEEE?" with her big wide mouth. It was hysterical. I never remember jokes, but I still remember that one.

Who am I? Somebody old enough to remember that story, and too old to know about this book. I LOVE children's books. Will have MANY around until grandchildren and beyond. But I come here to read about YOU. ;-)

Raising Z said...

I have never seen this book before but as a collector of Children's books...I am going to have to check it out. The pages that you posted seemed so witty ;)

Who am I?? A SAHM mom of 2 who loves to be silly, lives for holidays, use to play the Tuba, has been on 4 continents, is a die hard Red Sox Fan (saw them clinch the World Series Spot in 07), love living where there are 4 distinct seasons, needs to find time to workout and someone who loves my family (extended too) more than anything :)