Saturday, October 30, 2010

you wiggle your nose when you nurse. and other observations i've made in our mere 9 months together.

you do.
your nose makes this little twitch twitch twitch as you drink.  it's funny.  i hadn't noticed it before this week.  though i'm fairly certain you've done it all along.
it's just that we've gotten to this lovely point during our nursing journey where feeding isn't difficult or time consuming.  it's just lovely.  and easy.  and i enjoy it.

you wiggle.
out of seats.  out of highchairs.  out of strollers.  out of my arms.
you are bound to be much-more of a mover than your sisters were.  are. 
(why didn't any of you moms of boys mention this little fact?  and yes.  anymommy.  i'll be bolting everything to the walls.  thanks for the heads up.)

you love being with the boys.
daddy.  boppa. 
they are your go-to-guys.  you just want to be with them.  doing whatever.  doing nothing.  you will gladly push yourself out of mama's arms to crawl over to them.  unless you are hungry.  or thirsty.  then see the first paragraph of this post.

you observe everything.
you are a watcher.  and i'm pretty sure that you are internally categorizing everything that you see so that you can perform those tasks when the appropriate occasion arrives. 

your swing your feet when you are bored.
as you sit or balance upon my hip or hang out in someone's arms ... your feet swing.  back and forth. 

your eyes are brightest when watching the people that you love.
those beautiful blues shine when you are watching us.  your family.  there is no denying the deep love that you have for your sisters.  and mama.  and  ... of course ... dada.  and those family members that you have absolute trust in.

your laugh is infectious. 
it makes my days shine.
i can't imagine a life without you. 

i love you bubbers. 
xoxo.  mama.


Pamela said...

he does have lovely eyes.

Mrs. Bird said...

Awww! He is too sweet!

Kate said...

Those eyes are stunning, made even more so by the gorgeous color he's wearing.

What a lovely post.....

tracy said...

He is beautiful. Love this post.

Life with Kaishon said...

He sounds like the best baby : ) What a delight!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

He is precious. Not good for the baby fever.