Friday, October 8, 2010

sucky moms don't make cookies.


i have felt like such an utter failure as a parent as of late.  and maybe that coincides with the hell that is also known as six.  or my last post's unknowns.  or feeling overwhelmed and crazy.  and silly for taking on things that satisfy passions in me.  but make less time for my kiddos.  (oh.  and dishes.  and laundry.)

and maybe that's why i've been kind of silent around here.  there are so many out there online that make this life look like a piece of cake.  all while making cakes.  and selling them.  and eating them.  and working out so that the cake doesn't make an appearance on their ass.  and they actually can get all the stains out of their childrens' clothing FROM the cakes.  and their cakes are bea-u-tiful (and don't just look like a cake PLASTERED with grey-ish frosting to make it look like an elephant for your turning one year old and is potentially what sent grandma into the hospital where it was determined that she has diabetes and it's probably your cake that sent her into a sugar overdose and from that day forward it is known and referred to as the diabetes cake.  oh.  i've never told you that story?)

tangent much?
so ... if for some crazy reason you've been reading along on this here blog and you think that maybe (just maybe) coconutbelly land is a land of constant beauty and perfection.  you are terribly wrong folks. 

because here?

i think it's a pretty darn good day if i made it through without yelling.

which i failed at tonight ... but it had been THREE DAYS.  three whole and complete days without raising my voice. 

so tonight i need to remind myself that i am a good mom. 

because sucky moms don't make cookies.
proof that i'm not superty sucky ...

let's get one thing straight ... do you even know HOW to make cookies?

surpervised flour usage.

the pouring of the flour.  (i still can't believe i let her do it.  by herself.)  ok fine.  minimal help.  like counting. 
and reading the directions.  she's three y'all.  and we never invested in that baby reading program.

three year old.  cracking eggs.  holy granola.  hard not to step in on that one.

except for egg shell removal.

looks like somebody doesn't want to miss watching mom making attempts at homemakerishness.

back to work.  by the way ... juggling a 24 pound baby while taking pictures of another child making cookies?
now THAT should be a girl scout badge.

be still my heart.  i love chocolate chips. 

the perfectionist in me reallyREALLY wanted to step in.  but the mom in me wanted to watch her do it.
look at her face.
she's so concentrated.

and proud.
of her glops of cookie dough.
and for the record ... she may or may not have licked her fingers when i wasn't looking.
now you know.

guilty of licking fingers.
also guilty of removing the hat that was supposed to be left on for
mommy-didn't-have-time-to-do-my-hair-this-morning reasons.

guilty of being cute ...

see what i mean?
glops.  pre-baked.

"hello?  i'm on the phone here."

"i don't know.  she just keeps taking pictures of me with a pan of cookies.  yeah.  weird.  she mentioned something about not being a sucky mom.  whatev."

"haha.  they're distracted.  now's my chance to get out of this chair and steal paperish things off the refrigerator."


Givinya De Elba said...

A lovely post! Honestly! We appreciate each other's honesty, and thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only one.

However, today I achieved a FIRST! Today was the first time that a parent actually snored during one of my speech therapy sessions.

I know, I know, congratulations, me. I am the most fascinating therapist in the world.

Tracy P. said...

YOU, Jen, are guilty of being a beautiful, fabulous, REAL mom. I so love this post. Especially the chocolate chips. I just licked my screen.

But the best part is the pan of cookie blobs. You are so right--not something you see in the blogosphere every day, but hers, all HERS!

So hard balancing work you love that exhausts you with a family you love that exhausts you. Sometimes you run out of you before you run out of day. Blessings to you!

Mrs Soup said...

I so agree with Tracy. You are so real. And adorable. PLUS the fact that you are worried about being a sucky mom shows that you aren't. :p Sucky moms don't worry about that.

Naomi said...

Love your post! I love and admire your honesty--truly do. Any mom that has it all together 24/7 is just not normal, Stepford in fact! :) You rock for making cookies with your adorable little girl!! : )

Annie said...

I feel the SAME WAY. About the letting go while they add/stir/glop the dough. And about the yelling. We made pancakes this morning and I made a point of letting my son do it ALL BY HIMSELF (although I removed one eggshell that snuck in). It was a much better experience than the other times when I'm looking over his shoulder saying be careful, don't spill, etc... And letting go and letting him do it - turned out just fine. Great even.
You sound like you are a REAL mom.
Thank you for your honesty.

jen said...

it's funny how 4 people that you've never met ... and one person that you have ... but don't KNOW all that well ...
can make you feel better about yourself.
ah. the world of blogging.

Pamela said...

i like you. and you are not sucky.

Jenn said...

I read your post yesterday and it is Thanksgiving here in Canada so I wanted to say thank you for your honesty, your truth and the inspiration in your photo's. You helped my parenting heart a lot so Thanks.
I hope things get a little easier for you, the thing I always forget about patenting is that everything is just a phase and it will pass and it always does :) It would really help to remember this fact before the phase was over however because this parenting thing is making me bald!
Lots of Luv and hang in there.

tracym said...

Your pictures are so brilliant. You are not sucky at all. You are lovely.

beth said...

What's definitely not sucky are those delicious looking cookies! I am so hungry now!