Thursday, October 28, 2010

i'm so busy, i hired pumpkin carvers this year.

with everything going on in my life ... (ohwoeisme!) ... i just couldn't stand the idea of having to carve my own pumpkins this year. 

the time involved!
and the mess!
 and the sharp utensils!

so i hired some help.

so, yeah.  they're a little messy.  but they are extremely productive.  they practically work 'round the clock!  though i have noticed a few squabbles here and there.

they work for peanuts pumpkin seeds, i tell ya!  totally affordable.

and they are pretty cute!  in a rodent-y sorta way. 

and they bring their own tools for the job. 

i think they do a fairly nice job, don't you?  let me know if you need their contact information!

think of the things that you could do with that extra time not spent carving pumpkins with the children!

unless, of course, your children prefer faces and such on their jack o lanterns.

(think my kids will notice if i just pop a tealight in that gaping hole on halloween?)


Kim said...

I think some of their relatives live near my front doorstep.

Tracy P. said...

Wow, Jen, this is hilarious! In a sad way, cuz now you need more pumpkins. They cleaned them out so nicely--maybe you could just carve the other side. Awesome that you caught them in the act though.

Several of their relatives tend my garden meticulously.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hey I was just wondering - how much do you pay for your pumpkins if you don't grow them yourselves? We don't get THAT variety of pumpkin here in Aus, and neither do we celebrate Halloween much, BUT this year the retailers are trying to get us all Halloweening. They are importing these very pumpkins and selling them for AU$20 (which is around US$20 right now with the exchange rate.)

I'm thinking that's a bit excessive! Yes?

Annie said...

I like your take on it. Good to find the positive!

Minnesotagal said...

Linked to your post through Dig this Chick and am laughing out loud at the squirrels! I thought I had it rough with them eating all my onion bulbs but this takes the cake! Thanks for the laugh!

jen said...

givinya de elba ...
$20!!! holy goodness. i paid $12 for two HUGE ones the other day (that we actually carved - i'm only mean for pretend!) these were medium/small sized and were about $3-4 a piece.
so ... um ... yeah. $20 sounds a bit excessive!
in other words ... start growing pumpkins - new business!

jen said...

minnesotagal ...
where are you located in mn? did you know i'm in mn too?? (oh yeah. you probably did ... i think dig has that on her list, no?)

Minnesotagal said...

I'm in Minneapolis - you? Yeah, I was looking through the virgin harvest list and seeing what locals were growing and was curious about the potatoes - always wanted to try growing those. I'm relatively new to the whole bloggosphere so I usually just stumble around but man those squirrels!!

jen said...

minnesotagal -
me too!
and yeah. the potatoes never got in the ground. meh.
but i did grow several other things from seed this year - which i was ever so slightly proud of!

Life with Kaishon said...

There is nothing like a good pumpkin carver, right? : )