Tuesday, October 19, 2010


appleorchardchomp, originally uploaded by jenniferlivolson.

popping in to share a picture from last year's apple orchard escapade.
unfortunately, this year our favorite orchard lost quite a few apple trees due to an early season frost.
so we never made our yearly trek there.

oh. that. and the lovely chaos that is our life ...

did you have any idea that mothering three kids, working and starting a business would be this crazy?why didn't you warn me?

have you heard?
the photography business is offically underway!
pop over here if you have a moment to see what i've been up to!

(you have no idea how excited i am to share that link with you.)

oh. and back to the original story ...
i had to dig in my archives for an orchard picture to share.
my nephew. cute as can be.
i had a bit of fun editing ... doing things differently and more creatively than i would usually.
it feels good to sometimes play around with editing, rather than just edit for others ...
and this was a welcome break today.

check out i heart faces for more orchard pictures.


borne . image . photography said...

Great job, Jen! Love your processing om this! I love apples, orchards, and capturing the joy of childhood! I don't know what it's like to have a house full, and working on a business ... our son is grown now, but I am trying my hand at this, now, myself! :) I checked out your link, and I love your work! Looks like you've been at the business part of it a bit longer than I have, (I've been in 'practice' mode for about 3 years now, all the while asking myself when I should start!), so I'd love your opinion if you get a chance! You'll see some work on my site, and also my Flickr photo stream is at the bottom of the page. You have a great week, and keep up the great work!

~ Deborah

Kristi said...

Such a classic picture - I love the muted colors and red apples. Really great work!

Casey said...

I love that picture...

We've never been apple picking but I've always wanted to try it.

Congrats on the business, you will do great. Your pictures are always so awesome and creative....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jen!
Says...Lucky Dog's Mama

tracy said...

Congratulations, Jen! How exciting!