Thursday, October 21, 2010

in related, yet unrelated news ...

i've finally realized what it's like to be that bus driver that drove me to camp each year.

three children. 


singing row row row your boat in a round.  because finn loves him some row row row your boat.  (it is just about the only thing that stops him from crying instantly.)

oh ... and don't forget the newest version ... fall fall fall is here.

and singing some quite possibly made up version of (but probably not ... thank you first grade) song from your childhood that cycles through verses by just changing the first sound of the nonsense words. 

fee fi fiddley-i-o.  fee fi fiddley-i-oh-oh-oh-oh, fee fi fiddley-i-oooooooohhhhhhhhh.  fee fi fiddley-i-oh.
something something /f/.  something something do! (insert new sound here.)

for the record - first graders don't like when you request "x".

oh yeah.

that was a super fun 12 minutes.  of my life.  that i will never. get. back.


Mrs. Bird said...

Fun! Now, try doing that for 17 hours, LOL. Our trip to Texas...we cycled through our kids songs CD's over and over and over ;) It is the only way that Brooklyn behaves in her car seat. If I dare to turn the music to something else, she screams bloddy murder!

Annie said...

I never realized how much I would sign once I became a mom. It can work wonders!