Friday, November 5, 2010

i'm going to sneak in some pictures of halloween all quick like - before anyone notices.

someone had a first halloween
though he had absolutely no choice in what he would be wearing.
 because big sister, cora, decided she must be dora. 
(though for oh-so-many months prior she was determined to be a toilet.  that opened.  and flushed.)
but still.  dora.
and where there's a dora ... there's a boots.
(and a backpack).
and stella (finally!) decided this year to NOT be a princess. 
she chose a cowgirl.
you know.  the cowgirl in the costume catalog that looks all slutty-ish.
whose boots would never be found anywhere nears a pile of horse shit.
so mama ... said yes.
but with a bit more skirt.  please.
and boots that might actually someday find themselves in a barn.

while still maintaining the pink cute-factor.

and i didn't really make my kids use the jack o' lanterns that the squirrels "carved".

trick or treating is hard work.
this is what we came home to at the end of the night after dropping finners off with my dad ...
sleeping monkeys are cute.
sleeping boppas are not quite as cute.
BUT ...
sleeping monkeys sleeping on sleeping boppas are super cute.


Tracy P. said...

Dang, Jen! There are so many awesome things here--my Dora never had a Boots...but she did have some awesome boots when she was a cowgirl. They were three sizes too small by the time she FINALLY got to go horseback riding this summer...but oh how she wished she had them.

That lighting behind your cute pumpkins is just stunning (love the shadows).

And the sleepers! Yes, SUPER cute!

Naomi said...

Adorable costumes! My little man was a monkey his first Halloween too-so precious!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my good heavens. They are too cute for words. Seriously the cutest : )What great costumes.

Pamela said...

i was wondering why finnikins had red boots. but then i got it. also, thank you for longer-skirting your cowgirl. and dora looks a little pale. too much candy? or is minnesota getting to her?

tracy said...

Oh my word - I love your pictures.

Kelly said...

Super duper cute! How cute that Cora was Dora! Did you make that or did you buy that? Lily would've loved to have been Dora! And it's a FL friendly costume!! That sleeping monkey/boppa picture needs to be framed stat!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

It's no shock that I'm thrilled with the choice of Cowgirl for a costume. Your kids are adorable and look like they had great fun! Cool Jack-O-Lanterns!