Friday, November 12, 2010

sometimes you just have to shake it.

we finished our boring dinner of french toast and bacon.
i craved a cup of coffee.  with cream.  at too late an hour.
so.  instead we had a **dance party**.

finn seemed initially very confused.
amidst chaos.
and loud hip-hop coming from the on-demand channel.
that above picture is evidence that my girls have GOT THE MOVES.
probably from me.

finn is safely in mama's arms.
and yes.
that is a play mat posing as a living room rug.
is there a problem with that?

not to be outdone.
the boy must show some of his own moves.
he probably gets them from his dad.
who also frequently dances around in just a shirt.

please note.
the girls simultaneously were shaking it.
and turned around and stuck out the tongues.
they had to have planned it.
i'm totally outnumbered here.

send help.


Tracy P. said...

Well Jen, help could never get there in this weather! But the shakin' bootie photo with the hippie flowers on the move is TOTALLY PRICELESS!

You make me smile all. the. time.!

Pamela said...

love. the booty shaking.

Galit Breen (Minnesota Mamaleh) said...

so. much. FUN! i love me a good dance party and some lower case letters! :)

Kelly said...

Oh, what fun and I love the action shots!! So cool! How do u do it when youre outnumbered?

dearheart said...

Those last two shots are fantastic. Love the mid booty shakin' shot and how they're leaning in towards each other.

anymommy said...

These pictures are gorgeous. Love the shake it shot. And no, there's absolutely no problem with that, I have a similar rug in my living room.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Cute! Love the movement in the photos! Great job!