Friday, September 24, 2010

an interview with my daughters. and not finn. because he would just answer gaga. or mama. or dada.

a while back ... i interviewed the girly girls with these same questions ... here is stella's responses (march 9, 2009).
i thought it might be fun to try it again.
apparently i didn't learn the first time.

it's hard to do!  kinda like pulling teeth at times ...

but ... it'll be fun to look back on someday ... here are their more recent responses!

1. what is something mama always says to you?
cora ... i don't know.  happy birthday.
stella ... i love you.

2. what makes mommy happy?
cora ... when we sit on the bunk bed sitting on our butts.  (butts or knees on the top bunk is a requirement in our house!)
stella ... when you like to be with us

3. what makes mom sad?
cora ... if we put a purple top on that yellow glass i didn't use milk in and the big cup that's why that spills that make mommy sad.  (one day i took a shower.  oops.  i swear it was 3 minutes long.  and the girls managed to make chocolate and strawberry WATER.  and put the wrong tops on the glasses and spilled chocolate and strawberry water all. over. my. wood. floors.  uck.  yeah.  that made mommy sad.)
stella ... when we hit you.  (or anyone!)

4. how does your mama make you laugh?
cora ... i don't know.  funny songs.
stella ... tickle me.

5. what was your mommy like as a child?
cora ... you was a little baby girl.  a little baby girl chew on some things you like.
stella ... horse back riding.

6. how old is your mom?
cora ... four, mommy.
stella ... 33.  (ah. good.  somebody pays attention!)

7. how tall is your mama?
cora ... like that. like this ... up to the sky.
stella ... i would need to measure you.  how about i say ... i don't know.  (that's my stellers.  a rigid rule follower.  wouldn't want to be wrong!)

8. what is mommy's favorite thing to do?
cora ... read my books.
stella ... um ... be with us.
... you're both right.

9. what does your mom do when you're not around?
cora ... you play with my toys - my baby dolls.
stella ... clean dishes.

10. if your mama becomes famous, what will it be for?
cora ... having fun with me.
stella ... i don't know.  a tv show.

11. what is your mommy really good at?
cora ... painting with me.
stella ... coloring animals.

12. what is your mom not very good at?
cora ... pushing me higher.
stella ... hula hooping.

13. what does your mama do for her job?
cora ... paint.
stella ... speech pathologist.

14. what is your mommy's favorite food?
cora ... applesauce.
stella ... what is your favorite food?  chicken?

15. what is your mom's favorite thing to drink?
cora ... milk.
stella ... soy milk.

16. what makes you proud of your mama?
cora ... happy.
stella ... when you are happy.

17. if your mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
cora ... a fix cartoon.
stella ... um ... there's already that ... hmmm ... it's hard.  freddy's mom from icarly.

18. what do you and your mom do together?
cora ... we play baby dolls.
stella ... go to d.q.

19. how are you and your mama the same?
cora ... our lips.
stella ... i don't know.  both blue eyes.

20. how are you and your mommy different?
cora ... i don't like coffee and you do.
stella ... hair.

21. how do you know your mom loves you?
cora ... i'm super big.
stella ... when you give me a kiss.

22. what chore does mama not like to do?
cora ... vaccuuming.
stella ... clean dishes.

23. where is your mommy's favorite place to go?
cora ... minnesota zoo.  a zoo mama.  a zoo.
stella ... go to the zoo with me daddy and cora and finn.
... apparently i make it obvious that i like to go to the zoo!

24. how do you know mommy loves daddy?
cora ... because i'm a smart girl.
stella ... 'cause you guys kiss.  (hee hee hee)

25. what is something that your mama wishes for?
cora ... more baby dolls.
stella ... dad here when he's flying.


Mrs Soup said...

Awwwwww, this is SO SWEET!

Naomi said...

what a great idea! So CUTE!

Pamela said...

what is this about the soy milk? and i love stella's answer to what you wish for.

Tracy P. said...

We totally need to meet at the zoo! I am such a zoo mama. I could live there.

Such cute girlies! :-)

CC said...

this is wonderful. I've interviewed my kids once or twice at their bdays, with the lofty idea that I would do it annually. But alas, that hasn't even come close to happening! ;)

Wahzat Gayle said...

Cora's #24 is the best
and #20 made me giggle

fun post

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