Monday, September 13, 2010

cute baby alert ... a double up post.

decided to post this here too. 
although you CAN click over here to see it as well ...
(that "here" is my not-at-all-complete photography site where i'm posting sneak peeks and such.)
but i just wanted to give you all a chance to see these too ...
i love babies.
don't you?

i did warn you.
... cute baby alert ...

this, my friends, is baby bryson.
the sweet new little baby boy of two of our dear friends.
who graciously allowed me to photograph him.

it's a good thing that my husband is neutered now.
because this kinda makes me want another baby.

so if i can't have more little babies ...
i just want to be able to take pictures of them.

he made the sweetest. cutest. funniest. little faces.
though i couldn't get him to stop snuggling his cheeks into the blankies.
so. sweet.
congratulations to the whole family!
thank you so much for letting me meet your little man and capture this moment in your lives ...


Naomi said...

oh my..he is darling. Great photos--I LOVE the 3rd one!

Mrs. Bird said...

Beautiful! Great shots!

kate hopper said...

These are killing me. They almost--almost--make me want to have another baby!