Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i heart faces ... smirk.

how often have you said ...
don't you gimme that smirk ...

i'm pretty sure those words come out of my mouth, um ... weekly. 
or maybe more often.
hello?  six year old in da house.

but when i first read about this i {heart} faces challenge.  i drew a complete blank.
which is pretty astonishing. 
me.  blank. 

so i googled it.
"what does a smirk look like?"
(because isn't that what everyone would do?)

and i came across a yahoo answers page.  and the response was ... "It's kind of a smile on one side of your mouth, with the eyebrows lowered in the center of your forehead. Hope this helps. Think of the expression you make when you say "Yeah, right". Hope this helps."

which totally cleared it up for me. 
though still left me with tons o' confusion about which picture to choose.

i settled.
on stellers.

who put up with me attempting to get back-to-school photos of her.  amidst breaks in a rain storm and dreams of finding an old school-house to shoot at. 

anyone know where i can find one of those?

and this is her.
just kinda putting up with me. 
a half smile ... with a yeah, right. face.
whatever, mom.

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Mrs. Bird said...

Cute! Love the flower :)

Missy said...

LOVE her eyes!

CC said...


crsmith said...

love the color & those big blue eyes!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

You know how to wield a camera, SHE knows how to wield an expression!

kate hopper said...

Okay, I love that beautiful smirk. It makes a regular appearance on my Stella's face, as well!

I love your photos so much!

Mrs Soup said...

This image is just lovely!

Z'sTheDay said...

super cool shot! the crisp color is great here, fabulous!

Tracy P. said...

OH. MY! She is so beautiful...check those eyes!!!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

She's gorgeous!