Monday, September 6, 2010

editing eats up a lot of time.

i've been so busy editing.  this giganto family photo shoot.  my family's. 
(can you spot me??)

and i have a newborn shoot to edit still! (i love babies. have i ever mentioned that? and taking pictures of them makes my heart feel happy.)

with a group this big ...
it's so hard to make sure that everyone is PERFECT.  especially when you are IN the picture too!  i got really really close on a few shots. 
but these edits are killing me! 
so in work.  and kids.  and fun.  and sleep.  and ... oh yeah ... housework.  i'm trying to make the imperfections disappear so that everyone has an amazing picture in the end. 

want to know why i'm so anal about this one?
because in april of 2009 ... i promised my grandma that we would have family portraits taken again.  the last time we had done it was in 1996.  her picture that she proudly hangs on her wall had several people that were no longer part of the family.  and didn't include so many of the new little ones ...

a month later.  my aunt was killed in a car accident.

and ever since ... we haven't mentioned a family picture.  because it feels wrong in my heart to not have her there.  even though i know it's just that much more important that we do it. 

so ... this one ... of my husband's family means so. much.  to me. 

and i'll have to get over the frustration of editing to attempt another picture with my family. 

because it's super important.
and maybe a little difficult.

(oh.  and dear family.  i promise.  this is not the best of the best.  and it is not the picture that you will end up with in the end.  k?  xoxo.  love, me.)

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Pamela said...

i hate editing. gah. blah. blech. kaplooey.