Wednesday, December 3, 2008

jingle bells. and the quest to find one.

last night, belly intently watched polar express.
she's seen the movie before ... but not with as much conviction as was observed last evening. following the final few scenes in which the boy gets a bell from santa ... she wondered aloud.

do all kids get bells from santa?
will i get a bell from santa??
mama, why did that boy get a bell???

at that exact moment in time ... in my head ... i realized ...

it is so time to milk (and cookie) this santa-guy for everything i can.
oh yes.
we're on.

my mom and dad got this opportunity so long ago. now ... it's my turn.

i replied ...
hmmm. well that boy was a very very special boy. he must have done so many wonderful things for others. santa only hands out a few of those bells. only the most special and thoughtful of the children get them.

and it started to backfire ...
(with tears in her eyes) well, i wasn't very nice to coconut tonight. so i won't get a bell ... and i really really want a bell. (the tears were pouring now) so it doesn't matter what i do ... i won't get a bell.

shite ... c'mon mama, come up with something!
well ... honey. did you know that santa can see when you make things better? if you are polite and apologize to the people that you hurt. he'll see that and maybe will realize that you are trying your hardest. i don't know ... i think you might just get a bell ... especially if you can keep up this good attitude. it makes mommy and daddy and santa so proud.

and now ... at the sign of an impending outbreak ... i just sing. or hum a tune.

*he sees you when you're sleeping * he knows when you're awake *

*he knows if you've been bad or good * so be good for goodness sake *

and now?? i have to find a bell. or i will SO be screwed for next year.
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Raising Z and Lil C said...

I just bought 21 bells at Walmart for $5 for a nursing home sing along I am organizing :) They are nice and big and have a great sound. I know you don't need 21 but maybe you could pass them out to other mothers in need ;)

dig this chick said...

Good luck with your bell quest.

Thanks for all of the fab tips in the apple. We had a great time. It is cold there! Colder than Montana. People were walking on lakes and stuff. crazy.

Anyway. We did go to the children's museum! It was fun but the Habitot thingy that Margot was *supposed* to love was kinda lame and she likes the watery stuff and all the other kids. And the ball room. She is quite advanced, I am certain. ha ha.
Maybe when we are there the next time we could meet and our husbands can't think we are crazy for cyber blog relationships!

DeeMarie said...

I have this total desire to run out searching frantically for a bell for you!! Hopefully you'll find one. Hopefully Belly will keep being a good girl!!! And hey, at least she recognized that she wasn't being one....

Kelle said...

i saw a bell on the door at my neighbor's house and i wanted to steal it for ya. get the tickets and i'll have a place to stay for you and dig. my dad has rentals. one has five bedrooms, pool/hot tub and a kids room. it's gunna happen. oh, heaven.

p.s. so, i need your tips to get the words out of my girl. she ain't talkin.

Christy said...

What a sweet little girl you have! I did my student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom. The teacher would often remind the misbehaving students that Santa was watching them. 9 times out of 10, the kid would stop whatever annoying thing he was doing.

little.birdy said...

Well, if it doesn't have to look just like the one in the movie then you could get her one of those bell necklaces. There is also this: which is more like the movie. Good luck!!!

HeatherPride said...

I found some really pretty jingle bells with glitter on them at Wal-Mart a few years ago! Your little girl definitely needs one!

Casey said...

That's great! I can't wait to play the Santa card with my kids. I love seeing the excitement on kid's faces.

TRB Holt said...


I have made it a point to read Kelle with an E, Kelly with a Y's blogs and now your blog. I have so enjoyed all 3 of your comments on Bug's Blog, (my granddaughter), that I thought I should see for I told Kelly you all are terrific ladies with beautiful familes!

I have a bell, I came across it a few days ago when I was "decking my halls"! If you would like to have it just let me know. ....Merry Chistmas.

Bug's Gram

Queenie Jeannie said...

Walmart has them, but I bet any dollar store would have the same ones - cheaper! Good luck! Let us know if you need help!!