Monday, October 27, 2008

100 things on my 100th post.

because i'm oh-so-creative...i decided to tell you 100 random things that came out of my head on my 100th post. (i bet no-one else has ever done that...stepping outside the box here...stay with me! or don't.)

validate me! make me realize that i'm not alone in these weird quirky behaviors of mine! enjoy! hope you make it to the end, in one piece! (and if you do...there's a prize!)

1. i HATE moths.

2. i will, literally, shove someone out the front door at night so as to avoid letting the creatures in my house.

3. i think the fear is rubbing off on coconut...and therefore, now i have to pretend that they (and all other creepy crawly creatures) don't scare the crap out of me.

4. scary movies. scary shows. scary books. ALL scare the crap out of me, too.

5. i cannot watch them when my husband is working. i will not sleep. ever.

6. my husband is an airline pilot...therefore working a lot... and so, i avoid these things much of the time.

7. i always get asked, "where is your husband right now?" and i often don't know the answer.

8. i don't know what i would ever do if my husband was no longer an airline pilot.

9. i love having him home and try my best to cherish our time together.

10. but, i also like the "me" time i get when he's gone.

11. and the "just the girls" time that us girls get to have.

12. i would love to have another baby. someday.

13. i don't know what i would do if it was a boy.

14. i think my biggest fear is that there would be no more "just the girls" when daddy is gone.

15. i also think that i want to be SO ready for the next one. and i'm not sure if i ever will be.

16. i am supported by a few amazing girlfriends.

17. i do not get to spend as much time with them as i would like.

18. i love to chat with friends over glasses (or bottles) of wine.

19. i also love to chat with them over chai tea (specifically coconut creme from namaste cafe)

20. many of my for-real friends don't understand this "blogging thing"

21. i like the community of bloggers. i like writing and knowing that someone somewhere is listening.

22. i think listening to others is one of the most important things that you can do for someone.

23. i listen all day long working as a speech-language pathologist in our school district.

24. i love playing games with the kiddos and watching their communication abilities grow.

25. i HATE the paperwork.

26. i wish all parents knew how important it is to talk with their children. not just at.

27. my two new goals as a mommy are to...try to say "yes" with my kids, at least as much as i say "no" and

28. to give hugs until my children let go.

29. neurotically...i must keep my play-doh colors separate. no options, there.

30. i claim it is because i use them to work on identifying, labeling and matching colors.

31. it's actually just that i hate when they mold into a *blech* color.

32. i think about colors all the time. yes, it's weird. i know.

33. i actually returned a set of dominoes because the colors on them drove me insane with their non-coordination.

34. the thought of those dominoes makes me ill...i can still visualize the colors. ugh.

35. i like to play games with my husband. dominoes, dice, board games...

36. he always bets things like backrubs or ahem, things...but i never follow through.

37. i always bet things like backrubs or taking care of the next dirty diaper. he always follows through.

38. i hate when people paint their houses the "wrong" color. it drives me bonkers. i wish i could show you the house. but that would be weird. and totally judgemental.

39. i try not to judge other people. especially when i don't know their side.

40. i always try to see things from their side, too. devil's advocate. it frustrates me when they are right

41. i have always loved animals. always.

42. before i had real animals...i had TONS of stuffed animals.

43. i used to sleep with them in, yes in, my nightgown because i was afraid that if someone broke into my house, they would steal them. they were my most important possessions.

44. i don't sleep with my new most important possessions (the girly-girls) in my nightgown.

45. i rode my first horse, queenie, when i was 4...and have LOVED horses ever since.

46. during college, i worked as a horse trainer/handler for a hippotherapy organization.

47. i loved doing therapy with horses and animals and kids. dream job.

48. i've always had a dream to open a farm-based camp for children with disabilities.

49. i don't know if i have, or ever will have, the energy (or funds) to ever initiate that dream.

50. i love old houses and old barns.

51. especially barns. big red falling down barns.

52. i wish that i could buy an old (less falling down) barn and turn it into my home.

53. i love the thought of being in a place where the walls were a source of constant life and warmth.

54. where the past echos of moos and whinnies, shuffling hooves in the straw and creaking of the floors.

55. i've let my baby eat pizza on the floor of a barn during a horse show.

56. at the time, i reasoned that it would improve her immune system.

57. i will never win a mother of the year award.

58. i think i'm a pretty good mom, anyways.

59. i haven't slept through the night in about 5 years...and i still manage to function.

60. i secretly wish to have my husband's job for a day so that i can watch tv from my bed in a hotel room by myself eating a pepperoni pizza. nothing specific. and really...i only want one day of my husband's job.

61. i could not handle sitting in a cockpit flying through ENDLESS blue skies. ending up in another hotel room. and not with my family.

62. we only have one tv in our house and we rarely turn it on for something other than the weather during the school year.

63. my husband's favorite show is the weather. meterology and aviation go hand in hand. i guess it's important to know the weather at. all. times.

64. my favorite tv show is project runway.

65. but i only saw 2 episodes this season.

66. i love watching the designers turn nothing into something.

67. i've made a few pillowcase dresses for the girls. something into something.

68. i am pretty sure know my family and friends laugh at me...but i think they are cute.

69. then again, i think my girls are cute even when they are covered in popsicle drippings and dirt.

70. i am so not cute covered in popsicle drippings and dirt. but, i want to lose weight. and be cute too.

71. i hope i can do it.

72. don't worry...i won't make myself a pillowcase dress. maybe.

73. i love crafting.

74. i am an undefined crafter that wants to open an etsy shop.

75. i can't narrow down what i want to put in my shop...

76. everytime i have an doesn't work out like it did in my head.

77. my current craze is metal stamping and beading.

78. and photograph letter blocks.

79. i want to do digital scrapbooking...because it seems like it is much more organized...

80. i am not organized.

81. i am trying to be more organized.

82. i claim that i need a bigger house to be organized. (maybe a resurrected barn?).

83. i wish to have a linen closet, a coat closet, a cupboard for separate dishes/cups AND a pantry.

84. i don't have any china. (i don't have any room for china.)

85. we could not find a single dish design that we liked and ended up buying a set of plain dishes at target.

86. we used it to replace the dishes that had a large blue daisy on them. (seriously, i found a picture).

87. they were handed down from my aunt and uncle, who purchased them in virginia when they lived there.

88. we rid ourselves of them (the dishes...not my uncle & aunt), in virginia. (full-circle, baby!)

89. in virginia, i used to drive up and over a mountain to get to work.

90. i thought it was super cool driving past monticello, thomas jefferson's place. every day.

91. but, i didn't really like living in virginia.

92. i wanted to move back home.

93. i love living close (veryclose...sometimestooclose) to my parents.

94. on the positive side, my children get to have wonderful opportunities spending time with family.

95. and i get built in babysitters.

96. occasionally, i get calls to ask if i want to have someone watch the kids. seriously. babysitters that OFFER. before you ask.

97. i've never had to pay for a babysitter.

98. i pay for daycare though.

99. thankfully, my daycare providers are awesome and even agreed to letting me cloth diaper. super wonderful.

100. this is my favorite cloth diaper lady.

whew. you did it. i did it.

you know that favorite cloth diaper lady?? she has helped me put together a little bag for a give away! it has 3 little baby-doll sized cloth diapers for your little one to play with! leave a comment (by friday, october 31st) saying which of my 100 things you most identify with, and i will randomly pick someone from the group to win the give-away! you must live within the united states to be eligible. sorry.
also...i'll contact you to get your mailing address and some specifics! so make sure to leave an email address or link to your website/blog!
get your comment in by midnight on friday! i'll draw the name on saturday morning...(hopefully later rather than earlier. i would love the chance to sleep in!)


Sprite's Keeper said...

Let me be #1! I agree whole heartedly about #57. Here from HASAY to offer support and hope you all feel better.

Cristina Mathers said...

we have a lot in common. last night the hubs and i spent the majority of the evening trying to get rid of a moth! i looooove monticello! i remember watching about it on the now defunct America's Castles.

and i will never win the mother of the year award either!!

Christy said...

Like you, I also want to open an Esty Shop. But I have cold feet. If I start the shop, then I might actually have to do something. I want to base my shop around crocheted items - like scarves, hats, baby blanket, afghans, etc.

Connie said...

I love cloth diapers. I have some that I am going to use on my NEXT baby.

I collect dishes...and china. Ask Sara about my new dishes.

Mandy said...

#7 me too ... I have to check the printed out schedule on the fridge .. in fact I have no idea where he is RIGHT NOW:)

jess said...

found you via connie. dude! someone else who doesn't use the shift key!!

i <3 you already.

and you use caps for EMPHASIS! YAY!

jess said...

p.s. i am #80 and 81.

PsychMamma said...

I love the cloth diaper lady and am passing her web link on to my friend who just found out she's pregnant! I also know that J would LOVE the baby-doll cloth diapers. What a fun prize!

I totally adore big, old, falling down red barns. I have a collection of pictures of them and get completely depressed when we pass one when we're driving and I don't have my camera along. I think it'd be cool to turn an old barn into a house too. Hubby leans toward using recovered wood in a new timber-frame construction.

I also worry that my fear of creepie crawlies will cross over to J (who currently loves bugs) so I try to moderate my responses. I don't do very well at it. :-)

TRB Holt said...

I am all over #12....since I am 56 this will not happen....OH wait a minute, it DID happen! I am the grandmother of a sweet BUG named Margot Bea....just wait being a Gram is the best!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog--your blog is wonderful!

We have a lot in common...Project Runway love, crafts, wanting to get into digital scrapbooking...are you sure we aren't sisters? :)

LazyCrazyMama said...

:) Great stuff!! I also would love to craft up some things to sell on Etsy... pillow case dresses sound so cute! I wouldn't laugh :)
and you know what? a bigger house just means more space to clutter with all your junk :) We have 2100 sq ft and the most organization we have is 3 designated "storage" rooms and a few other rooms that should be craft room, office and kids bedroom, but are also essentially storage rooms at the moment (the kids's room has all their stuff in it, but they still sleep w/us, so no hurry in getting their stuff more organized).

anymommy said...

Loved it. I love barns too. Hate anything creepy/scary. Loved learning so much about you!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

My sister is an SLP too so I know what you mean about the neverending paperwork!!

I've always wanted to try cloth diapers, but didn't like the up front money it took and was worried they wouldnt work.

Anonymous said...

Jen Men! #18 with an episode of project runway! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Jen Men! #18 with an episode of project runway! Miss you!

KJ said...

So I really have no need for a bag with cloth diapers for "my little one's" baby doll. Mainly because I do not have a little one as of right now. I just thought it was interesting how many things off your list I was like Hey ME TOO!!!
Those things are Numbers:
1,2,4,5,6,7,(however insert boyfriend for husband!), 21,22,41,42,70,80,81,83
those were the ones that the whole statement fit to me, other ones I had parts in common!
Anyway it was fun getting to know you through your list!

dig this chick said...

#53 for me. A giveaway! fun.

Jennifer said...

25. i HATE the paperwork....Aren't you in the wrong profession?!?!

Great list. I've been thinking of updating mine.