Sunday, July 25, 2010

who finn is today. (or tomorrow if you want to get REALLY specific.)

hey baby boy,
we may not celebrate a multitude of tradition around our household ... but ... since mama has embarked upon this here blog one tradition has held strong ...

the half-birthday tradition of telling you who you were on this exact day ...

except ... the really funny part is ... your mama is usually at least 3 months late with this sorta thing!  BUT ... imagine this ... your mama is writing it the! night! before!!  crazy-talk, huh?

my dear finnamon ...
(like cinnamon.  only better.)
today ...
or tomorrow if you want to get all specific about it ...
you are six months oldseriously.  it blows my mind.

i feel like it was just last week that i realized ... after a nasty bout of french fry aversion ... that you were joining the family.
and it feels like just yesterday that i found myself unable to comprehend the blue that was joining our house of pink.
and i remember that day 6 months ago, when i pushed you into my hands ... like it was a mere moment ago.

and yet?  at the exact same time ... i feel like you've been here ... forever.

... little boy blue ...
this is who you are today.

--  you are the king of razzberries.  you get all spitty and drooley ... and absolutely adorable as you blow those razzberries like no-body's business.

--  you love the sound of your own voice.  and if it echoes (as was so LOUDLY displayed in target today.  thankyouverymuch.) ... ALL THE BETTER.  apparently.

--  you spit up.  so much.  happily.  butstill.  we use a lot of burp cloths.

--  and if i drink milk? wow.  you are not a happy camper.  so i don't.  still. 

--  you are finally FINALLY! a good nurser.  you always wanted to be.  and you always appeared to be successful ... but finally i feel like we've made it through the constant thrush and latching issues. 

--  you are a chunk.  and i mean that in a very good way.  the cellulite on your chunker little thighs is too cute.  (i only wish mine was that cute.)

--  tonight ... after much prodding to say mama ... you repeated the name boppa ... as he slept on the couch next to us.  figures.  (i'm just going to go ahead and tell myself that b's and p's are so much easier to say ... and that it isn't a REAL word yet.)

--  you can sit.  for a little while.  you still need a spotter.  but you are getting so strong.

--  you love to roll around.  i can walk out of the room having left you in one position ... and a mere moment later you have completely flipped around and are facing the opposite direction approximately 3 feet from where i left you.

--  you giggle when daddy plays peek-a-boo on skype. 

--  tickles can bring fits of giggles from you.  especially on the secret spot on the side of your neck.

--  your sisters can make you laugh just by jumping.  it's amazing.

--  maybe it's a third baby thing?  however ... you sleep better when it's noisy.  (but for the record, i usually tell the sisters to be quiet because it gives me a break.)

--  you just completed your 5th airplane ride.  to, within and from new york.  whew.
--  you slept through every single one of them.
--  you love cats.  and dogs. 
--  you laugh at the monkeys at the zoo.
--  you stare in awe at the aquariums.
--  you love other babies.
--  you hit your head with your toy hammer when you play with it.
--  you are curious and happy and inquisitive and full of joy. 
--  you love exploration.

--  you are definitely a mama's boy.

--  but ... you sure do love your daddy too.  unless he tries to give you a bottle

--  you don't love bottles.  still.  unless they have water in them.  apparently you feel very strongly that mama's milk really should just come from mama. 

--  you have LOVED every food that you've tried.
--  and don't tell your pediatrician ... but you've pretty much tried everything.  (i think that might just be a third baby thing too.)

--  blue is definitely your color.

--  there are constant extended family discussions about who you look more like.  mommy?  or daddy?

--  you are so sweet.  and definitely have the laid back surfer dude personality that i was expecting from you.

--  you. are. loved.



Shannon (your neighbor) said...

Love this Jen!!! Beautiful words and pics.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Absolutely beautiful.
And those chubby legs!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Absolutely beautiful.
And those chubby legs!

Kelly said...

Cried at both posts! BOth of them! Do you feel guilty now? teehee.

Absolutely beautiful and makes me even more excited for my blue in October!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

He is beautiful. I want to steal him. He reminds me so much (in looks) of my first born with his blond hair and chubby legs. Just adorable.

anymommy said...

Your last three posts are gorgeous. Such beauty in birth, in babies, in watching them grow.

Casey said...

Oh man, he is a cutie. He looks just like his big sisters too, isn't that weird how boys and girls can still look so much alike? My kids do too. Happy half a year, kiddo!

Kellie Steele said...

You crack me up woman I tell ya, I wish we could time capsel these things we say as we show our loved little ones the pure joy they bring us. Hes uber cute..

Jessica said...

Landed here via Kelle's blog. It caught my eye because I just posted a 6 month tribute as well! Our boys couldn't be more alike! From the spitting up, to the love of food, to laughing at big sisters who are doing nothing at all! He's a cutie!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

He is so cute! Jen, you're totally NOT helping my come-and-go baby fever!