Monday, September 26, 2011

favorite summer face.

seriously.  not sure that i can possibly pick a most absolutely favorite ... but this comes close.  this boy. 

my heart is had.

this summer was amazing watching him grow up into this little man with thoughts and ideas and likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

he's most definitely a boy (with a twinkle of trouble in his eye) and the sweetest heart you ever did meet.

and is currently covered in a bajillion hives.  so, that's fun.

i surely love you finners.

head on over to i heart faces to see more summer favorites ... it's people's choice this week! 


Sprite's Keeper said...

Could those eyes be any more perfect?

Karen Schneider said...

Adorable. Sorry your little guy is covered in hives - that's no fun, at all. :( Those eyes are definitely gorgeous.

Raising Z said...

love it! gorgeous blues

rebecca @ beurrista said...

such clear, blue eyes!

allenaim photography and design said...

Just darling...those EYES!