Friday, August 26, 2011

happy anniversary, love.

so wednesday marked our 9th anniversary.  which ... in the grand scheme of things ... isn't so crazy amazing ...

but then again ... maybe it is.

it's funny. 

i feel like we went through this major point in our lives where we were planning a trip for this wedding and foraging through pages of a wedding gift registry for that wedding.

and then it all stopped.  virtually everyone was married and/or in a long term relationship.

and then rumors and messages and conversations between friends started showing the other side of the mountain.

now, we're in the midst of divorces and separations and watching people fall out of love with one another.

and it's a kind of scary place to be. 

life is rough.  it's really really hard.  this whole life with little kids thing is incredibly impossible and so amazingly satisfying at the very same time.  and then?  you are expected / want to put energy into the attention of another person?  who is most possibly an adult hopefully most of the time.  and that person expects/wants your attention ... and you have NO! MORE! ATTENTION! to give!  there are so many moments where i find myself frustrated and annoyed with my husband.  he irks me when he plays devils advocate.  he drives me bonkers when he can't spell the word before.  he scoots over into my side of the bed while i'm out attending to children that he didn't hear wake up in the middle of the night.  sometimes he snores.  and i super lightly kick tap him with my foot while he sleeps ... and he startles.  stops.  and starts all over again.  sometimes louder.

even through all of that though ... i love him.  i still love him.  perhaps more than i ever did before.  (which is totally spelled with an E at the end, honey.)

on our anniversary we went out and spent a groupon to a new local sushi place.  it sucked.  and they were out of diet coke.  and then we went shopping for shoes.  and then we went to holiday station stores where i bought myself a gigantic fountain diet coke because that was the glass i accidently touched first and then i was paranoid that someone saw me touch THAT glass and that i would be scorned for taking another one.  (ever wonder why my girls are proving to be rigid rule followers?  yeah.  me neither.)

and in between all of that not-so-excitingness.  i sent out random tweets and facebook messages ... and because most of you probably don't know i exist in other areas of the internetty world ... this is what they said.


honey?  thanks for being the love of my life ... you love me in the middle of all of my craziness.  and i truly appreciate how you love and support me.  when you have your own blog you can write about all of my faults maybe.  but i won't link to it.  ok?  i love you.

jeremy and i have been married 9 years today. and we're still planning a vacation for next year's 10th. {i think that's a good sign}

‎9yrs ago today he walked me down the aisle. Today he sealed my driveway. #amazingwhatadifference9yearsmakes
{in which @bluexoxo wins the best reply award for "@coconutbelly is that what you're calling "it" these days?? Happy Anniversary!" ... which totally made me giggle all day.)
‎9 years ago today, i had my hairs done for an hour (at least). today? i managed to wash AND brush them. #amazingwhatadifference9yearsmakes

‎9yrs ago I said I DO. today I said STOP LICKING YOUR BROTHER. #amazingwhatadifference9yrsmakes

‎9 years ago, I carried a bouquet. Today i'm carrying a purse, a diaper bag, matchbox cars, a wooden zoo set & the boy.

‎9yrs ago today I threw a bouquet & a party. Today I watched 3 little people throw tantrums. #amazingwhatadifference9yearsmakes

‎9 years ago today I had a bounce tent at my wedding reception. Today the girly girls went to a bday party in a bounce tent.

‎9 years ago today we answered to bride & groom. Today we answered to mommy & daddy. #amazingwhatadifference9yrsmakes

‎9yrs ago I fretted about flowers, catering & vows. Today I fretted about diapers, gluten & preschool. #amazingwhatadifference9yrsmakes

‎9 years ago i said good night and i love you to my husband. tonight i said goodnight and i love you to my husband.


swonderful said...

happy anniversary! nine years is absolutely something to celebrate. i relate to so much of this. and i saw some of those tweets and really enjoyed them there. and here. xo. happy day.

Kate said...

We celebrated nine years on August 17th. But the babies we wanted couldn't be a part of the story, so we still answer to husband and wife, and I do think I'm more in love with him now than I was then.

Because this man loves me for me, and that is a gift that I get to open 365 days a year. I don't need flowers for Valentine's Day. I don't need a card on my birthday or a special Christmas present because I get a beloved gift every day. I get him. And still, after nine years, I want that every single day.

Love is grand...... and I LOVE the photo of you and your children. Love. It.

Annie said...

Love your realness!