Wednesday, May 18, 2011

neither here nor there.

** things of virtually no importance.  irrelevant and most likely unnecessary to the conversation. 

though quite possibly knocking at my brain and spilling out of my fingertips.

yesterday ... i may have recorded this as one of my proudest moments in all of my life.
my three kids sitting on the couch reading a book.  together.
please ignore cora's finger in her nose.

this is how cute they look from the front.
also note.
this is after stella spied me and figured out what i was doing and i told her to just keep reading.
she did.
it was also after i requested that cora take her finger out of her nose.
she didn't.
in fact.  i think she proceeded further.
she does not get her stubborness from me.

this is what happens when the boy sees mommy playing with something that has buttons.

i've also been doing a little bit of this recently.
and i feel like i'm cheating on you guys with my other blog.
which has gotten SO MUCH MORE attention from me in the past few weeks.
so please ... come visit me there too ... then at least you will both know about each other and we can be a little more sister wives and a little less maury.
also note ... there are twins in that beautiful belly.  two baby girls.  coming soon-ish. 
do you know how excited i am to be able to photograph this family and share in their joy?
so. excited.

cora turned four. 
if you have no idea how much like me she is ... then this picture should help.
except for the stubbornness. 
she TOTALLY doesn't get that from me.

oh you want to see a close up?

this girl cracks me up.
she called me a little stinker pants the other day.
i have no idea where she got that.
she also calls me mamanut whenever i call her coconut.

oh hi there superty cute baby boy.

we had a storm the other night.
just as i was laying finners to bed.  in his own bed.  and without nursing ... he fell asleep.
cue angels singing ... cue tornado sirens.
scooped the boy OUT OF BED to the basement where he proceeded to sleep on the couch.
while jeremy requested that i risk my life for all of you to take a picture of the mammatus clouds (which is super fun to say ... try it.)
you're welcome.

in a very sappy way ... i feel like those clouds a little.  things bubbling.  turmoil.  though not in the oh-woe-is-me sort of way ... just ... stuff.  things that i'm not quite ready to talk about.  things that i'm not quite sure are here or there.

neither here nor there ... i guess.


Sian said...

lovely post and beautiful photos! Im glad I found this blog!

Annie said...

Your photographs are incredible. Love the storm one.
And the fact that even with the finger in the nose you still posted. Very real. Love it.
I think it was about 3 times last spring when we would just get the kids to bed, cue sirens, cue making beds on camping mats in the basement!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I find it all of importance. Love the first picture. And hope the sirens were just false alarms.

Pamela said...

mamanut and the finger up the nose.
at least finners isn't dropping trou in the front yard for all the world to see.

3rdculturechildren said...

I'm also glad I found the blog. Beautiful use of natural & artificial light for your photos - superb!

3rdculturechildren said...

I'm also glad I found the blog. Beautiful use of natural & artificial light for your photos - superb!

jen said...

oh pamela ... yet? seriously? i have to look forward to that too???
and 3rdculturechildren ... nope. no artificial light for me ... maybe in the future when i figure out all of that extra stuff. i'm all natural so far!

Raising Z said...

What a beautiful moment! I love the nose ;) gorgeous photos, you are amazing

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. They are so precious. What sweet, sweet babies.

Naomi said...

love, love these shots. love them all sitting together! so sweet. great belly shot debating i i should get some done! :)

Jackie said...

LOL OH YESSSSS! Outdoor peeing is VERY MUCH in your future! In fact its the easiest way to potty train. I have a friend who swears she had ZERO dandelions the spring after she potty trained her son the year before! The yellow flowers made the BEST targets! lol

Tracy P. said...

Aw, Jen, these last two posts have me smiling. Easy. Hard. Yes.

And the character in front of the treehouse. And the stubbornness. And nosepicking. And reading). All so dear. And beautiful.

Glad you told us how hard you have been working on your photog site, because it is *WOW* all incredible over there. I put you on my photo a day "photography sites" links so I won't miss anything. I am amazed and thrilled for you.

CC said...

Cora Rocks.