Thursday, April 28, 2011

crazy ass sunflare.

i'm fairly certain that this is the newest in technical terms for professional photographers.

crazy ass sunflare.

there really is no other way of describing that.
can you think of a better term?

and also ... another one of THOSE moments ... when i see that light ... hitting something ... someone ...
... just right ...
and i ask my (sometimes usually occasionally often sometimes) agreeable husband to just hold on a second while i go and grab my camera.  {pretty please?}

and i'm once again wowed by what me and my camera can do ... even when we aren't shooting for perfectly technical ... when we are just clicking along because it's what feels so right ...

we all need those reminders of why we do things once in awhile ... don't we?


alicia said...

Sunflare is one of my favourite things.<3 this capture

tracy said...

Oh that is gorgeous!