Thursday, April 21, 2011


it's the light that gets me.

each and every time ... it's how light pours through openings and windows.  how light strikes up against the blades of grass
or a tree
or a face.

light inspires me ... it ignites a passion in me ... light fills me with hope ... spring.

i see it.  and i observe it.  and my heart flutters.  and i try to decide if this is one of those moments. 
or one of these moments.

and if it's one of those moments?

i turn back toward the house, grab my camera and run back to the light ... hoping that it has waited for me.

and i try to capture it.

and then sometimes ... i get lucky enough ... and i do.

and i look at the picture and it surrounds me in peace. 

even though i know that the picture itself was captured during a moment of crazy in my life when kids were screaming and running through the yard and the swingset was beginning to rock with stella's highflying swinging ... and cora was begging for an underdog and finn just needed someone to push his swing again.  and the neighbor boys were running down to join in on the fun ... and the dog was barking because i left her in the front yard.

it's the light that gets me.

each.  and every.  time.

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