Wednesday, April 20, 2011

evolution of a superhero ...

boppa was slightly offended at the baby boy's cinderella pajamas that he has inherited from his big sisters. 
so ...
boppa took it into his own hands to outfit the boy with more suitable pj attire.

and although i am one of those moms that doesn't really mind if my boy wears pink.
or cinderella.
or paints his toenails.
or plays with baby dolls.
and twirls in tutus ...

even i have to admit that my boy. in a cape. is pure adorableness.

cute boy.  in cape.
mama attempts to make it look like cute boy.  in cape.  can fly. 
boy becomes distraught.
mama sticks her tongue out at boy as a distraction technique.
{it works.}  boy sticks tongue back out at mama.
boy notices camera.  and buttons.  buttons.  BUTTONS!

boy attempts to look cute.  to acquire buttons.
boy screams because he doesn't get buttons.
boy pleads to either have buttons or nurse.
{mama isn't willing to give up the camera.}  so boy nurses.
boy runs away happy. 

a superhero ...
saving baby dolls that are abandoned in hallways everywhere.


Brookie said...


Pamela said...

wow, does that kid ever look like his daddy.

Raising Z said...

too cute!!! I love the outfit :)